Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Visitors & Graham Greene

September 11th 2007

I have had two lovely visitors today. First to arrive was The Ex, he came with gifts they were orange juice, cat litter and some bog roll. Not the most exciting of gifts if you aren’t me, I had however asked for these and so I was thrilled. We sat and had some coffee and planned what we are going to do for the anniversary of Thisbie’s (Hoydens sister) death next week. I am also debating how well I will be next week and see if I can have the final days of my recuperation up north with Bong. Gran didn’t seem too impressed with the idea.

Muffintop came round last night for a highly unhealthy meal. We gorged ourselves on dough balls, chicken and pesto pizza and cheesecake. We put the world to rights over some fizzy elderflower (I can’t drink, bless penicillin) discussing Anita Roddick’s death, the Madeline case, the anniversary of 9/11 and what on earth Jodie Marsh was wearing at her wedding. I needed to put something light hearted at the end of all that. We also had some lovely chocolates to eat but couldn’t manage them, shame I will have to polish them off myself. Actually I might keep them for her return on Friday with G. They both love some gorgeous chocolates.

Finished Queen Camilla, I really like Sue Townsend so I don’t want to slag it off but I really didn’t like the final six chapters, it all felt too hurried and also didn’t really follow the message she was conveying from the start. I loved ‘The Queen & I’ and this is technically a sequel, the idea of the royal family being escorted to a council estate after being abolished is brilliant. Also the dogs which were funny at the beginning became really too far fetched at the end and my bubble of belief was lost. I am sending a copy to my Gran to hopefully cheer her up; also she looks the spitting image of Camilla, ha.

Next to read will be some Graham Greene. I am going to shockingly admit I have never read any of his work. What with that and not knowing what ‘succinctly’ meant maybe proves I am not literate enough to do this course? I had a copy of Brighton Rock I don’t know where it has gone. It wouldn’t matter, its not one of the ones Susan has asked us to read. Yes it’s another mission. We have to read one or more of his works she has requested us try ‘The Heart of The Matter’, ‘A Burnt Out Case’, ‘The Quiet American’ or ‘The End of the Affair’.

Mr B managed to get me the latter two in a second hand shop. I was quite impressed, if I ask him o get me something it’s usually a little bit wrong in some way. He’s so sweet though he did that and got all the food for me and Muffintop, gorgeous. The only thing about Graham Greene is I really wanted to read Julie Walters book next. Oh the decisions. I have also been trying to think of ways of getting to know people on the course as we haven’t met face to face as yet and wont be for a while I don’t think. Any suggestions welcome.

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