Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Cant Read Whats Wrong With Me?

August 22nd 2007

I had a letter from Gran which made me cry for about an hour today. It was telling me how wonderful I had been over the last few weeks. It was very, very sweet but it upset me quite a lot.

Normally if things weren’t as they are me and my Gran would be having our updates on the phone of what we are reading. We are both complete bookworms, so is my mum however we don’t discuss what we have just been reading very often. My gran and I are another thing altogether, we can discuss books for hours, its fabulous, apart from when she gives away the ending of a book that you’ve just started as happened when I was ten pages into The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, I stopped reading it once I knew the end.

Unfortunately at the moment we have both been struck by something quite alien to us. Neither of us can concentrate on a book (maybe why I thought the best selling Tunnels is complete rubbish and didn’t finish it?) I have never experienced this before. I am desperately trying to read The Secret History a book I have a wonderfully loved second hand copy of and I have been waiting to read (I have some books I want to read so much I put them off and put them off) I have managed to get a grasp on it but read more than ten pages in one go, you must be joking. I know it’s the stress of everything that’s going on but I could really do with some escapism. Help!

Still no news on how he is doing which is hard, it’s the not knowing what can be done or how long we have that’s doing my head in, tomorrow is the day that we will know exactly what’s going on. Guess you will hear from me then.

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