Friday, September 14, 2007

September 12th 2007

I have watched another two films one I was really disappointed with and the other I was really impressed with. (Yes it was Wednesday which meant that the DVD shop does everything under half price.)

I had been told by several people that I should see The History Boys by Alan Bennett. I think he is a highly talented writer but sadly I really didn’t like the movie. I was bored really (I actually fell asleep after the incident with the lollipop lady) I didn’t give a monkeys if the boys ended up in Oxford, Cambridge or on the dole. I thought it was trying to hard to make a point and trying far too hard to make a point when actually I found it alienating. So that’s my views on that one.

The other film I hired purely for the possible car crash movie it could be was ‘Factory Girl’. I have heard of Edie Sedgwick and was interested to learn more about her, I also wanted to see if Sienna Miller is any good. She bloody is, I now don’t give a toss what people say (yes I do think the over hyped Sienna we hear of is way too much) she can really act. Well, in this she could at any rate. I have to say having watched some interviews with the real Edie she was pretty much spot on. I didn’t find her effected I found her engaging. The story is the rise and dramatic fall of Edie S. I didn’t know she was from ‘old money’ or about her horrific childhood, it documents her tragic life superbly! I highly recommend this movie, and Guy Pierce as brilliant as the bitchy warped Andy Warhol. It has changed my opinion of Sienna completely.

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