Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How To Make A Simon Feel Better...

August 27th 2007

I think I am a bit of a spoilt brat; I woke up this morning wanting a flat screen TV, so I went and got one. No it’s not quite like that. I actually woke up a bit of an emotional wreck, Mr B is so lucky, feeling overwhelmed by the operation and upset because of my granddad. My next thought was ‘oh shit, I really need to see when I have to stop eating and what I might actually need for tomorrow.

Good news, I could eat until midnight… binge time. Bad news, I don’t own a dressing gown or slippers! So I HAD to go shopping. Primark let me down they had no dressing gowns (they did have some slippers and some lovely t-shirts), M&S was stupidly expensive, so I headed to the shopping centre near Colliers Wood. Next didn’t have dressing gowns, it also didn’t have the bag I wanted in the window which the assistant went and looked at, shrugged and went to lunch. TK Maxx also let me down. Sainsbury’s brought me a right treat… and a surprise.

I was happily walking through men’s clothes when I heard ‘Simon?’ It was Vicky who I used to work with at the Apollo Vic. When she started she was a gothic lesbian from heaven, she then slept with my straight mate Bell and is now blonde, a mum and getting married to a man. Crazy world hey? I wasn’t that shocked as The Ex always keeps me informed of ex staff from the Apollo who work for him at his theatre, a lot of them end up there believe me. I hope I am well enough for Thriller when it goes there. So we had a catch up and it was really nice, she asked about Bell, I said hadn’t seen her in years but that she was now a fully fledged lesbian and had her own show at some theatres in town… now you know who the friend is, if you are an avid reader that is!
Mr B announced he was starving as we passed Argos, its deadly that place. I simply went in to see if they had a new mini mp3 player I wanted and after a delicious Pizza Hut went back and came out with a flat screen TV. I think its justified, I need a good TV for the two weeks I will be recovering. I am shitting my pants about tomorrow.

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