Friday, September 14, 2007

Like Pulling Teeth

September 12th 2007

I hate the dentist and I am starting to feel that way about the hospital now. I had to go to St Helier to get some of my disposable stitches out. Did they not dispose? No they bloody didn’t and they were getting tighter and tighter and making me bleed, and frankly I didn’t want another infection, so they had to come out.

I have described it on this blog before I think but I will do it again, it is like someone pulling out your hairs (and as fun as having teeth pulled) only really, really slowly and with as much evil intent as possible, ok maybe that’s a slight dramatisation. There weren’t even any attractive nurses to make the horror more bearable. Oh I am glad to hear everyone on my team has started using my ‘I Can’t Bare It’! Someone else probably said it first but I have a special way!

I then went on a mission to find out what the hell was happening with my biopsy results, seriously I have not heard a dickey bird on them. Guess why… it wouldn’t be the fault of my lame ass doctors would it? Not the ones who don’t even have a Practise Manager? Yes, it so could. As like someone else they have meant to been corresponding with they haven’t been liaising with me or the hospital. I have to go back to the original hospital that referred me (as my doctors couldn’t – shock and horror there) and I have an appointment on Monday first thing so you will be hearing more from me then.

Bong isn’t doing too well by the sounds of it; he is really low with another three blood transfusions needed. I am shattered after my exertions today. Oh, I haven’t started a Graham Greene yet, have started a Susan Hill though. It’s ‘The Various Haunts of Men’ and I read about 80 pages before and stopped, I can’t remember why? I’ll let you know if it comes back to me.

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