Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello, It's Hoyden

September 1st 2007
Hello let me introduce myself; I am Hoyden Simon’s cat. I am a girl moggy who spends most of the day sleeping blissfully and looking cute and then spends the night time waking Simon and Mr B (I like him now, he feeds me, I used to wee on his clothes and bite his nose in the night) up with continuous demands of food, milk or attention. I do have my own myspace but in his drugged state he has left his laptop open and on all night and so I thought I would write a more true account of what Simon has been like since his operation.

He came home acting very strange and got straight into bed and slept a lot, this is unacceptable behaviour as during the day the bed is quite obviously mine! I let this go as frankly he smelt funny, a bit like bleach and toilet cleaner he had obviously been somewhere very strange. He was demanding full English and tea within 2 hours so I was pretty sure that he was going to get over this strange phase.

He’s since been acting a bit oddly with demands of cuddles from me and then being very cross when I wake him up or walk all over him. He also picks up his books and then puts them down again in the space of 5 minutes with his hand on his head looking vexed, normally his nose is never out of a bloody book. His bossy nature hasn’t stopped, he forced Mr B out to buy shelves and wardrobe and other bits he’s been meaning to buy for months, cheeky bugger. I am quite pleased as I’ve learnt to climb the wardrobe and can sit happily at the top, I like being at the highest point, I know everything that’s going on.

Visitors have been popping in which is nice. No ones brought me any bloody treats though which is so unfair, I am so much cuter than Simon, he just sits in his bed boring everyone with his woes. Tut. Oh he’s woken up again so I must dash, his sleeping pattern has gotten worse than mine, and he doesn’t seem to sleep during the day or during the night, what an oddball. Oh he didn’t wake up he was just having bad dreams, another common occurrence, maybe I should go and wake him, I mean I haven’t been fed for at least 40 minutes.

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