Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad News On Brick Lane

August 23rd 2007

I had never been to Brick Lane until last night (strangely I wont forget it) isn’t it weird that you can live in London for eight years and have never ever been to some of the most famous parts of it. I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think it’s awesome. It’s a part of London that I most definitely want to go back to and explore some more; I think the fact that I love curry might also be in there somewhere.

Sadly my night went through a low patch when I phoned Alice to find out if she was coming to London tomorrow. She told me the news on Bong (as no one had thought to phone me, well they emailed me to tell me ‘urgent’) and it’s really not good. He definitely has secondary liver cancer this came primarily from the kidney. The prognosis is shocking, its days or weeks. If Mr B hadn’t been out I think I would have just broken down, it was Spanielle’s special day and I didn’t want to ruin it or make anyone feel low so I ate a stupid amount of curry and Smith made me laugh my ass off weird how the world goes on.

The reason that we were out was for the delicious Spanielle’s birthday, we started at a bar that was like a converted warehouse, went to the ‘Standard Curry House’ – why would you call your restaurant standard? The Excellence Curry House would be so much better, and the food was awesome. Kayke made me laugh, she made a hilarious video for me on my phone of her bouncing on a chair, if you saw it you would laugh, I’ve threatened to youtube it, the threat of never seeing my privates again has put me off. We then ended up in a bar that used to be some big Georgian Manor.

I left early, went home, and had a good old cry on Mr B’s chest.

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