Monday, September 10, 2007

Just One 'Urgent' And The World Seems To Stop

August 13th 2007

I had an email today that simply said ‘Urgent’, the stupid thing was I should have got the email at 9am, had it not been for my stupid default inbox filing. The email was from my Gran and simply stated that I needed to phone her or Caroline as soon as possible. My instant reaction was that it was Miriam or Seth as they had been staying at Gran and Bong’s. I couldn’t get hold of anyone at Gran and Bong’s or Caroline’s, or anything from either mobile, so I phoned Mum at home – nothing, but then they never answer their bloody phone. I got Mum on her mobile, it’s not the kids, and it’s the person I would last expect to ever get ill, my granddad, Bong.

I don’t currently know what exactly is wrong because the people at Chesterfield Hospital don’t either. All mum could say was that it could be a tumour and he definitely has a blood infection that could affect his heart. Is it fatal, was all I wanted to know, should I come up home now? The answers were it could be fatal, that I shouldn’t come up now; it would be a good idea to come up very soon though as no one knows what could happen. Does that last part not sound really ominous to you?

It’s now 10pm and no one has phoned me with any news, I can’t call anyone in case my phone rings and I miss it. The TV is of no interest to me. I was just sat staring into space until I decided to type this up, now I have nothing left to say, so I guess I’ll just wait which seems odd as the world seems to have somehow stopped. All from that little word ‘urgent’.

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