Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bored Of Being Bored

September 6th 2007

Oh my god for some reason today I have been totally bored. It had been wavering on the sidelines of boredom in my brain; I thought I had managed to keep it at bay. Sadly today I went a bit crazy. I haven’t been sleeping (nightmares and pain) and I think it all hit me. I know you are all probably thinking ‘what about day time TV, what about all those books you have to read’ there is only so much of both that I can take. I tried to get into 24 again and its half worked, actually that’s I lie, I half watched one and then switched it off. Least I can have long baths eh – and get bloody bored in them too. The depressed feeling has been wafting in and out a little also. I am trying to keep that at bay as much as possible.

I did watch three fabulous films though yesterday (my video shop is half price on Wednesdays and is invariably the only day I use it) the first was ‘The Painted Veil’ I had no desire to see this at the cinema or get it on DVD, Mr B hired these babies so I just got what I was given. It’s brilliant and has made me want to read the book, it tells of a doctor (Edward Norton) who marries a woman (Naomi Watts) who doesn’t really love him and cheats on him when they move to China. As punishment he takes them both to where the outbreak of cholera is and they deal with the consequences, it’s moving heartbreaking and superbly acted. Loved it! *****

‘Babel’ was really weird and I only half heartedly watched it. It all makes perfect sense at the end but through most of it you are very confused as to what a woman shot in the desert, a deaf Chinese girl who doesn’t wear any knickers and some Hispanic people on the run with some children all have to do with each other. Cate Blanchett was superb as ever, Brad Pitt looked hot!

‘Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus’ was brilliant. It was a tale of the photographer Diane Arbus and how she came to take pictures. Nicole Kidman played Diane and was superb; I rate Nicole Kidman quite highly as an actress. Robert Downey Junior played her mysterious neighbour who changes her life forever and is covered head to toe in Fur, another very moving and much overlooked movie. Loved it also. All are worth watching.

I did finish the House of Riverton yesterday. I am not sure what I think at all. Because of the delightful Richard & Judy it has sold absolute bucket loads and I am not sure it’s the masterpiece it claims to be. To me it was Atonement with The Thirteenth Tale and some Daphne Du Maurier thrown in for good measure. She also likes to throw in some of her in depth outlooks on life ‘time is a ticking clock’ and ‘people who see fortune tellers are unhappy in their present’. I liked it, I wasn’t astounded by it.

I have started ‘Our Betty’ this morning it’s the autobiography/memoirs of Liz Smith the wonderful actor who played Mrs Cropley in The Vicar of Dibley and also ‘Nan’ in The Royle Family. Its very sweet simple and funny, I will have probably finished it by the end of the day. In fact maybe to get through the boredom I should try and read a book a day? I’ll let you know how I get on.

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