Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Desperate Housewife...

September 13th 2007

...Should frankly be me because I would be brilliant, I could be the one who goes to new levels of boredom and routine and goes crazy. Yes, the lack of sleep (awake at 3am, 4.30am, 5am and 6.30-8.30am) is finally driving me to distraction. It’s the nightmares that are causing me problems, I seem to get off to sleep and then I have these really vivid bad dreams, maybe it’s the penicillin? (I was put on some more yesterday in case these stitches that wouldn’t dissolve caused any issues.) It could also be that with Bong being ill, being over tired and waiting for the results has made my head a bit full and its just trying to find its way out.

Anyways it’s turning me crazy. That plus the fact that the plumber has been meant to be coming to sort the leak from upstairs, and fit my new showers for the last two weeks. I was promised he would show up today by both him and the landlord and shock horror he didn’t. He better be worth it when he does and be a complete hottie who sweats a lot has a skin head and likes to plumb topless ha! Now that would be a story from Desperate Housewives.

As would my mental morning, I woke up from 6.30 for two hours and read, I am enjoying this Susan Hill lots more second time round and have gotten well past the 80th page this time. I then slept again until about half ten. I then woke up and debated which pair of pyjama bottoms to wear for 25 minutes, I only own three pairs. Next up in my loopy few hours was making coffee and tea together and it’s not very nice, especially with salt not sugar, I kid you not. I then decided to do a wash and put the washing powder in the microwave, yes dear readers I have lots the plot! I decided that going back to reading my book was the safest thing for everyone, so I shut myself in the book and avoided the world. Oh apart from when I phoned the plumber who had apparently been round (he f-ing hadn’t) so I phoned and moaned at the landlord.

G phoned to check in on some stuff with me, we had a nice chat. Best thing was I got a text from Campbell (we haven’t seen each other for 3.5 years) he has been in London the whole summer and thought he offended me in a prior email, I told him I would have said if he had, believe me I would. Anyway he ended up coming round tonight and it was so not weird! We sat and chatted and caught up and just hung out… with cups of tea! Yes Desperate Middle Aged Housewives. He’s sadly given up both the music (he sung and wrote – I have his CD) and the writing which he reckons he wasn’t good enough at, it is quite sad I think. He seems really happy though, he doesn’t love Birmingham, with his house in the UK and house in Dallas, jammy sod.

Oh I received a lovely parcel from Big Sis, it was a copy of Lance Armstrong’s book ‘Not About The Bike’ which is all about his journey with cancer and his survival, she sent it me as it’s a positive story, something to help me with what’s going on, if that’s what it is! Enough of that though, don’t want to be miserable.

So that’s that really, right I am off to finish ‘The Various Haunts of Men’ with a nice cup of tea and some sleeping tablets, yes I could be my own show today!

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