Friday, June 29, 2007

Because The Spice Is Right?

Thursday 28th June 2007

So after weeks of rumours and some serious denial from one of the members the Spice Girls have come back. Do you know what I am ecstatic! My mother is ashamed of me “at 25 Simon Savidge you should know better.” Well actually she should have known better! The people who text and emailed me saying “we bet your happy” know me much better.

You see the Spice Girls were a slight obsession when I was a teeny bopper. I didn’t really get into music until 1995 and so when they came on the scene I was hooked. Sporty, Scary, Baby, Ginger and Posh were everything a boy who was still half in the closet needed. Brash, bold, vibrant and FUN I was pulled to them like a magnet. I had (ok I still have in a box) the books, video’s, chubba chup tins and accessories, stickers, every single they released… basically everything.

I’m still a fan of the girls in there solo careers. Ok they haven’t had masses of success and maybe it isn’t deemed cool but it’s me. Only a few weeks ago I went and saw the delicious Melanie C in concert and it was one of the best gigs have been to in a while, and yes I routed for Emma in Strictly come dancing!

So now they are back. I have signed up for the tickets to the tour in London (I hope they add some more dates) and wait with bated breath for what happens next. Do I think they will be around for good? Erm, no. I’m not sure like Take That have, that they will win many new fans. The old fans will come back and so will there solo fans, and the pink pound will be invested in them I am sure, but I can’t see them having the innocence and carefree attitude they once had, or how there music would now fair in the charts. I mean what style would they go as purest pop seems to be dead; maybe they will be back as an electro elderly version of Girls Aloud?

But who cares what they are going to sound like? They are back and even if it’s a ‘one night stand’ it's going be one of my best!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One Hill of a Rollercoaster

Tuesday 26th June 2007

Ok so the last few days have just been bizarre, one minute I am up the next I am down. One minute I am happy and bouncy and feeling like I have achieved something, the next I am crying in the Office Boardroom. Welcome to the latest London Attraction… the Savidge Rollercoaster (I now need to copy write that!) Yes the newest thrill and spill ride is residing in Tooting and is possibly going to break down, but don’t worry it’ll be fixed and everything will be groovy! Wow I must start using groovy again, what a great word.

So anyways, it has all been a bit mad. Sunday was interesting. Mr B was meant to be in charge of organising a special day out! I wanted to go local but he wanted town and as he was in charge I went along with it. That changed about 30 seconds after we got out of the tube, he wanted to go to Balan’s I wanted to get cinema tickets (I needed to be home by 6ish to do some freelance and some office work) so then we had a big row about what a control freak I am. I did remind him I couldn’t eat after 8 for my blood test the next day and then we had a row about where to have lunch. We had dim sum. Saw Shrek 3 was good but not as good as one and two!

Then I needed to eat so we did KFC (I am not food obsessed Dad this was a special day where the day was based on eating habits) then went to an ice cream parlour. It was then 6.30 so we decided sod it lets see Paradise Lost. It’s very gory, gorier than Hostel… or on a par! Mr B wasn’t impressed they made Brazilians out to be organ stealing tourist kidnapping freaks. I am now dubious about a month there next February lol!

I had blood tests on Monday after my collapse/faint/fit (well I wasn’t there really, I was unconscious – I haven’t a clue what happened) for Epilepsy, Anaemia, and Diabetes. I hate needles and I hate blood so I explained to the nurse that this might not be the best patient she was going to have all day. I was fine, until she shook the vile of blood and whoops fainted – I am getting so gay! I then just couldn’t shake my sad mood after, its like anytime you don’t feel alright I guess, you get a bit droopy and down and everyone at work made me feel quite a lot better, but with results day on Tuesday for me lumps I was just a bit low!

…The results? Not good. I’m still a bit shock up over the whole thing so I won’t write much. All I’ll say is that I will have to have another operation as there is a major problem. So when I got to work I had a good cry with G about it all. Now I feel a bit better, but then I have been out with Kaylord which helps. Won free tickets to see Natasha Bedingfield and it was really good, she can definitely sing. We also went for loads of Sushi which always cheers me up.

Oh major good news. I have been accepted on the author Susan Hill’s Creative Writing Course. I am thrilled! See it’s been real ups and downs! You can get off now, ride over for the day!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sad Sorta Saturday

Well actually it’s not been sad for me, but I can imagine a lot of other people could read this and think ‘you sad bastard… that’s what you do with a Saturday’ but do I care, not a bit. So I hear you cry what have I been doing with myself? Well pottering really i.e. not a lot but it’s been lovely.

I woke up late which it being rare and happening for the first time in several weeks felt like complete bliss. I would have slept a lot longer as I have this shitty sore throat still; however Mr B was putting his fingers in my mouth, up my nose and in my ears in order to make me get out of my slumber. He then had that expectant look we all know in men and I got the giggles. Isn’t love THE BEST THING ever!?

We eventually got up, I am getting worse and worse at this in my old 25 years of age, I could lay and dose and cuddle all day, but our stomachs and empty cupboards told us we had to get up. Mr B was going to get some bread and milk when I had the genius (if I say so myself) idea of a greasy cafĂ© for a full English. We found one on Tooting High Street called ‘Le Brunch’ you couldn’t get anything more East End London and less French if you tried but it was delicious and we watched the world going by.

I had finally gotten round to going through all 400 boxed books that I own and sorted some to ‘Read It Swap It’ on it’s a brilliant site, some for friends and some for charity. The latter we took to Oxfam and I proceeded to by half the amount I had taken in. I got all the Tales of the City series (I had them once but an ex took them), ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ as I love Philippa Gregory, and Witch Child a book no one would do me a swap for on the above site. We then pottered around Tooting. I was looking for Dusty Springfield’s greatest hits to no avail, Mr B joined the library, and then we summarised the house.

By summarised I don’t mean summed it up. I mean we bought needed summer stuff. We now have some lovely sunflowers on the window sills and a fantastic fan which Hoyden is currently splayed under cooling herself off. We also got some nice bright prints for the lounge and it looks so much nicer. It then decided to piss it down, typical huh?

Mr B has gone off to work and I have sat her doing new columns for Bent, going through old magazines which have articles I need for research, doing recycling and washing, and avoiding my latest book. I really want to read ‘Suite Francaise’ and have been wanting to for ages but I just can’t quite get into it! I hate that as it’s something I know I would love and I have book group in three weeks and have to get cracking.

Speaking of books, when I was in the library waiting for Mr B to get all his joining stuff done I checked the Gay & Lesbian section, its rubbish. They had some obvious ones like ‘In the Line of Beauty’ and some of the fabulous Mr Burston’s books (Oxfam also had two of his – I owned them already or I would have bought them) but the whole library had no ‘Middlesex’ or anything by Armistead Maupin. No Sarah Waters, no Patrick Gayle. I was appalled, I must see if Balham is better or Wandsworth will be receiving a strongly worded letter like the one I have sent to Best Western. God I am getting sad aren’t I?

The Ergonomics of Boring School

Thursday 21st June 2007

I am officially an Ergonomist. Yes after a hellish exam me and Spanners passed with 100%. These last few days have really felt like being at school including the drama of the night before last. We are thrilled as we both thought that we had failed. We are also thrilled to have left both Leicester and the course. The lecturers were lovely (I have added one on facebook) and the course was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be, but that was all that was interesting.

The people were to put it politely… boring! What’s more they were a little too into the whole course. I mean Spanners and I weren’t not into it, after all £1,000 for a course you have to be into it in order to pass, and with that sort of money if I failed it would be a slight financial problem. But these people were something else. I won’t name them all (I won’t name them at all as I will only get in trouble) but will give you the caricatures that me and Spanners created. Well we had to do something to entertain us Leicester was hardly forthcoming.

Wangerlicious Bronners – she was a lovely big butch lezza – she didn’t tell us that we just assumed, who talked like a character out of Wallace & Gromit. She was a proper questioner. ‘Well I have been told that’s not right and you should do this?’ was her favourite comment, in her dulcet tones. We warmed to her because her mad hair patting and excess boob presenting whilst doing so gave us the giggles. We did however hide when we saw her coming to the bar in the hotel.

Miss Perfect – This person we were made aware of in the random restaurant on the first night. She looked like butter wouldn’t melt and was so prim and proper (and slightly up her own anus) didn’t stop her pulling some random man who was having dinner alone next to her and taking him off to her room. Dirty bitch! I would never do something like that. Everything she said was right, in her head not others and everything needed to take ten minutes to explain and be all about her and how hard she works and how great she is. I asked her how long she had been in her job ‘too long if you ask me’ she sneered ‘and on too little pay’. I was tempted to say leave then but held my tongue. Spanners new she had riled me and she kept taking the Mickey as when my air con didn’t work she said ‘Miss Perfect has hers on and it walking around in a constant breeze looking like a hair commercial’. Or when my shandy turned out to be beer ‘Miss Perfect is upstairs bathing in Shandy enjoying its lemony bubbles’. She was a good butt of jokes.

Then there was Arrogant A – he never looked you in the eye when he said all your ideas were wrong, but liked to tell you as often as possible.

The Butch Gay Policeman – was on the course ‘self financed’ (we cared you can imagine) and like to tell us how he had a job with a famous cosmetics company starting in 2 weeks in Paris and all the free products he could get. Spanners and I couldn’t decide which one of us he was trying to impress… neither in the end.

I think I have the start of another book here… would you read it? ‘The Ergonomics of Boring School’ or ‘The Ergonomics Convention’ could be two working titles. What do you think?

Karma Strikes Me Down

Wednesday 20th June 2007

You know how yesterday I said that I had managed to get rooms next to each other after the whole shit room fiasco. Well what I did was (and I am not proud of it – you do need to know this for the full story) said to the receptionist that Spanners had fits and I needed to be close by in case. These could have been panic attacks anything. It was a lot naughty but I did it, there it’s out.

Karma however it appears may have had the last laugh. I had set my alarm for 4am. The reason I did this was because I like to wake up and think ‘oh yes, I still have three hours of sleep’. I’d left my phone on the other side of the room. So I went over to the desk to reset it but I couldn’t use the phone, not as in it wasn’t working, I just couldn’t use it!

Next thing I woke up not knowing where the hell I was. I suddenly realised that I was in Leicester in a hotel, but why was I not on the bed, and why was the bed on the other side of the room, and why did my body hurt so much? The answer appears to be I passed out. I have no recollection of it I do however have the scars. In passing out I ripped my ear away partially away from my head. I have scratches everywhere and I am going to have some corking bruises. The first abider who came up believes I had a fit. I definitely had concussion (and a strange carpet burn down my face) as I was literally seeing stars. It’s so odd. I have now done day one of my course and feel ok. I had a dizzy moment at lunch time but think this is probably from last night. I think my body is in shock! Spanners thinks its ghosts, I took pictures of us in my room last night and there are orbs everywhere. I think it was heat and the fact I was ill on Monday.

So I guess the moral of this short story is don’t tell porky pies… and don’t stay at The Stage Best Western in Leicester.

Leicester... It's Just Random

Tuesday 19th June 2007

I have been quite excited in the lead up to my course in Leicester. I have been sent to learn all about Ergonomics and Spanners came with me. Now I haven’t been to Leicester before (despite my Dad living there) and strangely I don’t think that I will be heading back anytime soon. Especially not The Stage Best Western, if this place is anything to go buy we Brits are letting ourselves go having it as the most popular hotel chain in the UK.

The rooms weren’t next to each other as ordered and they definitely weren’t the Queen Suites we were promised… so I was a bit bad and told a porky kicked up a stink and they were changed. The air conditioning doesn’t work and my remote control is nowhere to be seen but we are now here.

I’m ready for bed actually which is a little sad as its not that late, but I want to be a good pupil and not turn up too drunken and disorderly. We have just had the most hilarious meal. The hotel restaurant has the very glamorous title of ‘The Fields’ and Spanners and I had decided we would treat ourselves to a nice meal. The restaurant was the weirdest most random one I have ever been in. It was more a big meeting room with a huddle of tables and chairs on a stage… that was the restaurant. We were then seated in the middle of everyone else under a really bright light like we were on the West End. We just kept laughing through the whole thing.

I don’t think I will be coming back!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shortbus Isn't Sick... But I Am

Simon is ill; I have a shitty throat infection and hot flushes and am feeling lousy. I managed to get out of bed and get into work early but by lunch I had to go home. I sadly missed Book Group tonight where they were discussing the best book that we have read yet ‘Half a Yellow Sun’. Instead I have been watching ‘the most sexually explicit film ever’ Shortbus.

Shortbus caused a stir back in 2006 when it was released because it features people actually having sex. Naturally a lot of people went and saw the movie for that and it might have been one of the reasons that I bought it, maybe. I have to say though it’s a brilliant film. Ok there is a lot of sex in it, and I mean the works, but unlike ‘9 Songs’ which seemed simply designed to be shocking and had no real point, Shortbus has a story.

It tells of several characters who meet and all end up going to Shortbus a sexual and artistic gathering of minds in NYC. You have a gay couple who are looking to open up their relationship one of whom is suicidal. There is a sex therapist that has never had an orgasm, a dominatrix who simply cannot have a relationship with anyone and a host of other characters.

The film isn’t about the sex though. Yes sex is discussed a lot, but I think that is a good thing as people aren’t that open about sex in general despite how liberal we claim our country is. I mean look at how successful ‘Sex and The City’ was? It dealt with sex, women talking and having sex and was open and funny. Shortbus is like that with an edge and actual sex live in front of your face, but it’s nowhere near porn. It’s dealt in a good and real context and the sex is in it for a reason, not just to get bums on seats. It starts with the line ‘are you a top or a bottom?’ and then goes from there.

There are also some hilarious scenes amongst a truly touching and mind broadening story. One features three gay guys all at it while they sing the national anthem into various orifices, and using certain parts of the male anatomy as microphones. There is also a brilliant small story line involving a vibrating egg that has a remote control. It gets lost and used as a TV remote leading to a hilarious outcome which then twists into the egg being beaten to death with part of a staircase in a back street. I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.

So please see Shortbus, it’s brilliant. I actually wish that they would make a TV series of it. I know that no one would air it but it’s all about real life, real people and real problems. Much better than bloody Big Brother which frankly I don’t even want to talk about. Shortbus is wonderful it’s arty, edgy, funny, sad, tender and just brilliant.

Learning To Blade

17th June 2007

Drunkenly on Friday night I announced to Muffin and KF that I would learn to rollerblade so that I could join them on their new regime to rollerblade. The fact is I have no balance co-ordination and it took me ages to learn how to ride a bike. But new challenges are good for you and as Mr B knows I drunkenly told him that he had to teach me.

So Sunday morning arrived and we went on a rollerblade shop. (We met Muffin for Dim Sum first; she has had the fringe I told her to get and is looking fabulous!) I managed to get some blades for £12! I was really chuffed, and then the procrastination started. You see I love the idea of rollerblading but I want to be able to do things straight away, I mean why do I have to learn it, can I not be a natural like Torvil & Dean? The answer is abundantly no!

We went to Kensington Gardens and I managed to do a walk through the park saying my ankle was hurting again after I did something weird on the walk for life. Mr B was having none of it. Then I said I wanted to dip my toes in the Diana Memorial Fountain and didn’t want to rollerblade till after that, Mr B started to look a bit dubious. After a dip that lasted 30 minutes Mr B had had enough. I pulled out my final weapon… a Frisbee.

So next was a Frisbee tournament that Mr B was quite half hearted about and so I gave in. We found somewhere that had poles and then on the rollerblades came. I was shocked at the fact I could stand up on them let alone actually blade of some variety. Mr B said I was actually quite speedy for the whole 30 minutes that I actually did it.

The problem came when Mr B had left me to speed on and get me some water and the poles stopped. I decided to be really daring and race to the poles a bit along from where I was. I lasted about ten seconds before I completely lost my balance and landed really hard on my arse and had a small tantrum. I am quite impatient with some things. Mr B came back and was a bit shocked at what he saw. I was sat in the middle of the road with my socks on. One rollerblade was in the sand where the horses ride the other was in a bush… yes it was a proper tantrum.

I am looking forward to doing it again next weekend… sort of!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well Tan My Hyde

I have just watched an excellent TV Show on BBC Four (what has happened to my Saturday nights?) about the real story behind ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. It was presented by author Ian Rankin – I must confess I have never read one of his books but I might do now – and was actually quite fascinating. I knew known of the history of the book by Robert Louis Stephenson I didn’t even know he was from Edinburgh… and I call myself a book buff. The reason for this show was the one prior on BBC1 ‘Jekyll’ staring the guy from Cold Feet. It was quite good actually, not quite gripping but good none the less.

It told of how the story came to him in dreams when he was suffering from TB and was taking a drug that suppressed the bleeding of his lungs which had side effects and lead him to having a slight split personality. The thing is it starts so much earlier, even in his youth he had the start of it. The dual city of Edinburgh with its old and new town, bridges linking the posh new area of the town with the old area and the drinking dens and whore houses. The latter of which Stephenson used to frequent in his youth and strangely whore houses feature highly in the book.

Why did he set the book in London? Well Edinburgh had the famous body snatchers ‘Burke and Hare’ but London had a very famous doctor and surgeon who used to go through over 2000 bodies a year (generally via illegal means – but it was all for good so he was overlooked) Hunter. The book is so closely based on him that the book that Hyde resides in is the exact same plan of Hunter’s abode in Leicester Square (now a Wetherspoon’s) so the book was set there. I also like to see that we gays had a helping hand in the creation of the book. For it was the outing of a male whore house that brought morals to the forefront of the papers and the age consent went up to 16 from 13 and this also is shown in the book.

I think what hit me was how underrated writers are in general. I mean some books that are written take months, years (as I am finding) in being created. It’s the depth that people go into that’s overlooked. I mean I might see something on a bus that totally changes my writing – ok I am not published yet, but I am bloody well trying! So next time you go into a book store and merely flick through the pages and put it back or when you finish a book and start on the next, just sit and think how that book was constructed and the time it took. I have started doing this and it adds to the value of it, I promise, even a Mills and Boon! Ha!

Ultrasounding Camp

15th June 2007

After having a good moan about the NHS and there total lack of ability in dealing with people and there records I was given an NHS cheer up in the form of the Nurse/Doctor who did my ultrasound today, for he was the campest man I have met, and I have met a few. It was worth the journey into bloody surrey just for the laughs.

As I am now an ‘urgent’ case I was glad to see that I managed to get an ultrasound within two days, that is an NHS feat of the highest order. Sadly it was at St Helier Hospital which is past Morden and then on a long bus journey so it was right in the sticks (but hey I got to read more of my book).

If Nelson Hospital is like something out of Heartbeat/Where The Heart is St Helier is like something out of a Doctor Who episode. You are always waiting for some zombies to appear. It looks like a huge industrial/factory building that has been painted white (with pealing outer wall chic) and then has so many corridors and staircases that you can imagine a very good chase going on with some demented zombie nurses baying for your blood. Maybe I should write and episode and send it in, oh hang on they did that when the hospital ended up on the moon, damn.

So I go in and they haven’t got my appointment card (even though I could see my name on the pile next to her) as she was looking at another file which was clearly for pregnant women. I then went and waited. I had one before at St Georges and so I knew the drill, pants down get some gel on and let’s have a look. I was till a bit nervous, well you do when it’s something health wise and also I am a bit funny about getting my tackle out to strangers… well in certain circumstances.

I then heard in Alan Carr tones ‘Mr Savidge’. I walked in lay down and he was told to take my ‘bits and bobs off’. He then almost screamed (no really) ‘oh my you do have an engorgement’. I felt like I was in a carry on movie and started laughing and laughing. ‘Don’t laugh’ he smirked ‘I cant take good pictures of it all if your wobbling everywhere’ well that was it there were tears. So a HUGE thank you to the NHS as I had a ball… literally!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The NHS Needs A Specialist

I am in a fury at the moment. As you will all know (and be bored of) by now I have problems downstairs. I have had tests ultrasounds and a small op at St Georges in Tooting but for some crazy reason (mainly that I was hearing nothing from the hospital) I have now been redirected to Nelson Hospital in Surrey! Don’t even ask!

I went there today and the first question the guy asked was ‘so what is wrong then?’ I had to start from the beginning and I said I had had the tests, op, ultrasound and everything and the reply was ‘well that was at St Georges and we don’t share information’. Am I being weird when I think this is completely crazy! I mean it’s not MI5 it’s the NHS! Why on earth can they not get someone to fax all the details over, shouldn’t the whole NHS work together? It just means I am now back at square one with the whole thing which is making me feel quite deflated.

I am now at home after being prodded with needles (more blood tests), and some random mans fingers on my nether regions (used to be a common occurrence but now lacks fun in a hospital) and then having to go from Unit to Unit to get other things sorted. I am just fed up!

Bath, book, Big Brother and bed call I think, maybe not I that order!

Walking For My Life

June 10th 2007

I am shattered! I am sat in bed (Mr B is fast asleep) and it’s only 8pm. We are both shattered after doing the Walk for Life in aid of Crusaid. It’s a 12k walk around central London taking in the sights and today the sun (I currently have a nose similar to Rudolph the Reindeer – not my best look). I signed up as part of my charity team fro GMFA! We got there nice and early and took in all the sun we could, me forgetting to apply suntan lotion to my face like an idiot.

The team lasted until the start when we broke into two groups and then suddenly me and Mr B were walking on our own. I have to say I didn’t find it strenuous, unlike Mr B who mentioned that he was tired before we had done 1k. We held hands throughout the whole of the walk and that had something very romantic about it. By the end though we were both really sweaty and hot! I then had to do a Simon and have some small drama when I tripped and have now pulled two ligaments in my bloody foot!

I hobbled from the Ambulance tent, and went and sat with a massive baguette filled with sausages and bacon. We watched some singer from Soul II Soul and then the fabulous cast of Wicked performed and then came George Michael… Mr B swears that it was I was not convinced. I then heard ‘calling Simon Savidge, calling Simon Savidge’, it was Biran who I haven’t seen for ages. It was really nice we had a catch up and I am gonna try and go to her birthday on Saturday.

I managed one drink in Profile for the after party. My sunburn hobbling self had to be taken home buy Mr B and order a curry! It was all too much but the good thing is I have raised some cash. I can raise more though so… and please feel free to make more donations! I am off to get my foot massaged better, after I have used it to kick Mr B awake so he can do the duty!

The Hungover Guide of Clapham

Good God, did I have a hangover this morning at 7am. Last night was my teams work outing and all I can say is I drank way, way, way too much. We started in some straight pubs in Soho, then had a fabulous meal in Balan’s, then another few drinks in some bar on the end of Old Compton Street (I was already wasted) then some of us went onto Trash Palace. It was in the latter that it all got really messy. Mr B joined us and we partied until 4am. I have not felt as ill as I did this morning at 7am when Hoyden woke me up for some cat food. I did then go back to bed until three in the afternoon and suddenly felt much better.

I think part of the reason that I got so wasted was that I went to the funeral yesterday morning for my mate and that was really hard going! You never really think you will be stood watching one of your best mates being buried at the age of twenty five. Lets not dwell on it though…

So Dulux came for a night in Clapham and I showed him the erm, sights. Well I showed him Kazbar, The Two Brewers and a restaurant. So that was a real treat for him wasn’t it! I think next time we will have another night out in Brighton. It was good though we had really random chats again about politics and the world and how the whole Saving the Planet is rubbish… his opinion not mine. I so need my bed right now! I have a massive walk to do tomorrow.

Fashion Full of Attitude

June 7th 2007

Selfridges at 7pm wouldn’t strike you as being the busiest time in the men’s underwear section. Tonight however it was full… of gay men (well and my bisexual sidekick DW and some fag hags). And the reason for this multitude of people in the department store? Attitudes ‘Seasonal Swimwear & Underwear’ fashion show and launch party. It was great.

The store hadn’t been transformed much bar a neon pink catwalk that went through the underwear section and was aligned with us gay guys and our cocktails. The fashion show was a roaring success, with a couple of absolute stunners in there not very much wear. I enjoyed the whole thing. There was a fabulous goody bag that involved lots of free pants and Hugo Boss goodies, plus the next issue of Attitude. There was also an after party; you had to buy pants in order to go… I won’t say what I did to get a free ticket pass in and free drinks, but it wasn’t sexual, just slightly devious…

The biggest celeb spots of the evening were William Baker (you know Kylies stylist who is always in the press as her mystery man) and Lohit from The Apprentice but me and DW got trollied and had a brilliant night. Thanks men of Attitude, it was a great bash!

Next Best Superstar

June 6th 2007

Melanie C owned the Mean Fiddler tonight in her first live gig in the UK in years. It was all part of the promotion for ‘Carolyna’ the second single to be lifted from the fourth studio album from the former Sporty Spice. It was also a chance for her to get to see her fans. And what an eclectic group of fans she has, there were the gays (me included) straight couples – the girlfriend was once a Spice fan, lots of lesbians, and some punky European people, it was a great receptive crowd.

She opened the show with fans favourite ‘Beautiful Intentions’ the title track of album three, and then new track ‘Understand’ everyone new the words to the new material which she sung plenty of, but undoubtedly it was old favourites that had everyone really letting lose. ‘I Turn To You’, ‘Never Be The Same Again’, ‘Next Best Superstar’, ‘Goin’ Down’ and ‘The First Day Of My Life’. Not a sign of ‘I Want Candy’ however which apparently she doesn’t like very much, and didn’t do too well.

Melanie is a fine singer and totally gets into her tracks and acts out the emotions of the ballads, and rocks out on the more upbeat numbers. This was a show not to be missed, we cant wait for the tour.

The Quiet Half of the Week

June 4th 2007

It has been a very quiet start to the week this week. I am lying in bed and lying in wait for the week to kick off as of tomorrow evening. I have Melanie C tomorrow night, a fashion show on Thursday and the team outing on Friday. The weekend should be fairly busy as I have my new friend from Brighton coming to see Clapham’s delights and then it’s the Walk for Life on Sunday oh yes… please, please sponsor me I’m doing it with GMFA so it’s a great cause, get donating! That’s my begging done.

Yesterday I was knackered by the time the day was out, I had my new assistant start and some new people on the team and it was all a bit exhausting. I came home and slept as was in work at 7.15am this morning so wanted some nice sleep. Tonight I will be watching The Apprentice repeat as missed it last week (god I hate Katie – Christina must win) and then be glued to Big Brother. Then I think carry on reading the book I cannot put down ‘The Book of Lost Things’ after a nice long bath.

Right I am off for some self indulgence.

Wales, Wine & Wonderful Weather

June 3rd 2007

I have just come back from a fabulous weekend away. I haven’t had such a good weekend away in a really long time. I took Mr B up to my Mum’s for the weekend (they had already met) so he could meet my step dad and younger little siblings. It was also a chance to get a long weekend away from London and have some time to just let myself relax and show Mr B exactly what the middle of nowhere in England is really like.

We left on Friday morning (Mr B had to beg me to take the day off) and arrived just after lunch to absolutely beautiful sun. Seth (Mr B can’t say his name which is very cute) and Mum met us and drove us the miles into the middle of nowhere and to their house and pub they are doing up. Mr B was impressed with the area he said it was stunning. We went to the local shop – the woman there was your typical village busy body, she would be the archetypal Miss Marple as the village is just like a Miss Marple village.

In the afternoon we went to the gorgeous Bridge North which is absolutely stunning but has no real wedding venues, and I took the kids on the Funicular Railway. I have to say it was bloody scary; it’s from the Victorian times and does look like it would just fall without a thought. Mr B went to the Catholic Church and then we saw what has to be the most random ruined castle ever. Bridge North’s ruin literally leans at 80 degrees. We went home not long after and Mr B played football with Miriam and Seth for a few hours before dinner.

Powis Castle was our destination on Saturday. Mr B had never seen a proper castle and had never been to Wales so Mum had had the lovely idea of taking us there. It was absolutely stunning, and I saw my first ever snake in the British Isles. We were doing a tour of the gardens and looking for things on the kid’s questionnaire and Mum said ‘looks like a dead snake there’. We went and had a look and it slithered/swam under the water and was gone, it was an Adder. I have never seen one before. The castle was fabulous and I don’t think that I have ever seen such a grand place. I like Wales I have decided.

We went for a walk led by my sister today and then had all you can eat curry at my families favourite curry house. It was then time to go home, Mum cried and I felt like I couldn’t wait to come back, now that is a breakthrough.

P.S My Mum has now got her own library. It much better read than mine, well she has actually read all hers, and its much more varied, I am so jealous – when can I become a housewife?

My Mid Year Review

June 1st 2007

I cannot believe that it is now half way through the year. That is scary right? I mean when it hit New Years Eve I would not have thought that things that have happened would have happened. Back in January the year looked very exciting (not that it doesn’t now) and it was a blank canvas but I knew what I wanted out of the year, currently I cant decide if I have gotten more focused or if now mid year I am feeling more lost than ever! So I have decided to give myself a review in a weird kind of way!

It’s not been my best year but now bar my ridiculous self built paranoia I am more driven than I think I have been for months. I have a new manager, I am starting from scratch and I am determined to achieve and build on and improve from some big lessons I have learnt this year so far.

I am totally one hundred and fifty percent in love! It’s the best thing about the whole year so far. I am getting married next year and I am so thrilled I sometimes am left speechless! Love is definitely the highlight of the last six months.

This is a mixture. I am still doing my column in Bent Magazine and have done some lifestyle pieces for it. I will be doing some stuff for The Times Literary Supplement which is amazing and I want to pinch myself. Gay Times I need to work on but I have some ideas (that will also push to my beloved Bent Magazine) and I am researching more magazines and things to start working towards. Book wise – I am stuck, I haven’t gotten anywhere nearer to finishing my book than I was in January, bar the fact that I scrapped the old one and started again. I didn’t win the Writer in a Year Competition which was a bit gutting, but I have entered more and will keep doing so. It’s all peaks and troughs. Oh, I did start a Mills and Boon with Mitch.

I have managed to see all of my family and even some of them several times in the last six months and that IS a big deal. I don’t normally see them that often.

Probably the most negative thing of my year so far really! Its rubbish when you are waiting on results and having to miss work over the whole thing it’s a real pain… literally! The worst thing is not having the control over your own body. It’s been really getting to me.

I have definitely lost one friend and that has been a recent hard thing to face. I have to say I don’t see my friends as much as I used to but with Book Group and organising gatherings I have seen a lot of them and as my birthday and recent bash with Mr B showed I have great friends who can all get on with each other. I may have lost another which is gutting but I am not sure, I hope not. I’ve also made some new and wonderful friends… you know who you are!

Other stuff
I have done lots for charity this year. I helped make lots for Comic Relief in my workplace. In terms of GMFA I am now a fully fledged proper member and everything. I have done a new website and HIV campaign for them and it’s been really rewarding! I think that’s enough. I am trying to think of any extra’s… I can’t.

But still I am lost as to whether things are clearer or cloudier mid way through the year! Oh well.

Couldnt Be Bloggered

May 31st 2007

Sorry that I haven’t done any blogging for quite some time. Part of it was the fact that I have been very busy, partly I have had some stuff going on and partly because shock horror – for a little while I haven’t really had the mind to do anything Blog or myspace based, but now the mood is back and ready to go.

So what have I been up to? Well I had my engagement party mark 1, we decided we will do another one later in the year as most of my family wanted to come and I know some friends I wanted there couldn’t make it for various reasons. It was however a wonderful affair with lots of people there who I really wanted to be and we got very drunk and had a great time.

I went to Brighton with Q which was a wicked night as we had a sea room view. We then went out and got more drunk than I think I have ever done in my life, Q leaving me with alcohol poisoning and some random man who he had tried to pull then lost interest in and I had to spend the night in a twin room with a complete stranger. Bizarrely we had a really good laugh and I have made a really good new friend. I mean anyone you can discuss Dulux colour of the sea i.e. ‘bluetack blue’, ‘crappy brown’ etc, and then end up talking about what time actually is and quantum physics after drinking for at least 8 hours is good in my book, he’s gonna let me show him the sights of London at some point. You can never have enough mates can you? The hangover the next day was pure hell!

I went to Paul Burston’s ‘Lovers & Losers Party’ which was really good, sadly I didn’t get to meet the fabulous Mr Burston as he was DJ-ing for a while and then some of my mates turned up and every time I was free he was chatting to people and every time I caught eye contact I was in a major conversation, so I felt a bit poop having to leave but I had alcohol poisoning from the day before and felt pants not having said a word, he looked like he had a fabulous time!

‘Wicked’ was wicked… Mr B took me for a treat for our anniversary. I have to say it is the best musical that I have seen in years. It was very strange being back at the Apollo Vic after so long, it was so different from when I worked there two years ago (shockingly some of the faces were still the same) but it brought back some fond memories. Pam Ann was also amazing when I saw her at Wimbledon Theatre and I wanted to watch her all night long – I loved it!

I’ve started therapy… I get to talk about myself for an hour every week without being judged, it’s great!

Sadly most recently one of my friends died. At 26 it doesn’t seem fair, what has been good (if anything good can come out of it) has been that I’ve been given the opportunity to look at my life and myself and feel grateful for everything I have. This didn’t quite work when I had a weekend of ex’s. That was hard seeing Mr O and then meeting Mr B’s ex was a little bit too much and I did have a low weekend but then this happened and it made me snap myself out of it.

Work wise everything is ok I guess. Kevin left today and I nearly cried. I was good though I didn’t quite ball my eyes out. It is really sad that he has gone, but we will stay friends and stay in touch so all is not lost, I am actually seeing him next week for Melanie C. I do have his replacement ready in the wings for Monday though!
So that’s an update from me over the last few weeks, how are you all? What’s news?