Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who Dunnit?

September 14th 2007

Random day today not much has actually happened and yet lots of stuff seems to have happened which is a bit bizarre. Mr B woke me up this morning panicking about the interview he had today. I am highly dubious on the whole thing as I think anyone who asks you to work a few hours free as ‘training’ is so not reputable, unless its an internship. Long story short he was offered it and has turned it down, he was unimpressed.

Who Dunnit 1: I had a furious phone call with the manager of the post sorting office. They have lost a parcel which Mitch sent me back on the 3rd. No one can find it, apparently it contained chocolate kittens and a book called ‘Simon’s Lady’ Mitch is most concerned how she can get another copy of the book, I am concerned on missing out on chocolate kittens. We are aligned on the fact that we think that some bugger has eaten it all and is now reading ‘Simon’s Lady’ in bed with a hot cocoa. The bugger, the question is who? I can claim a loss, so I bloody well will.

I need to buy some new shirts, have decided when I am back at work I am so gonna change. No more Simon Soft Touch, no more ‘Simon Says Yes’ so I need a better look, watch out peoples. Speaking of work…

Who Dunnit 2: Muffintop and G came round this afternoon for visiting, it was lovely. Well bar when G said ‘can you imagine if you had never even had an operation?’ I didn’t find it funny, but they didn’t either when I showed them a picture of my wound, ha! We were having some lovely shallow conversations about allsorts of rubbish when the whole ‘Madeline’ thing came up. I have, you may have noticed, been very quiet on the whole of this. I have two theories either ‘the mum dunnit’ or she’s being stitched up. Yes is called sitting on the fence. We had quite a heavy discussion on it which then turned to gun crime, suicide bombers and then a debate on The Bible and religion in general. Who says two gays and girls can’t discuss hard hitting issues?

I tried a Toblerone Fruit & Nut today, its quite nice surprisingly; I thought it might be too much of a thing.

I went to the internet cafĂ© after everyone left (its fine to go out a bit, can you imagine me with no fresh air or space from the flat, erm no thanks) and got a text off Boone saying ‘Loving the grey hoody’ he had driven past me on an escape mission from London, would have been nice to see him, random that though isn’t it?

Who Dunnit 3: Have finished Susan Hill’s ‘The Various Haunts of Men’ enjoyed it so much more than the first time. Actually, I don’t think it was not liking it that made me not finish it, I just didn’t finish it. I will do a small review for you below (and no I don’t have to say nice things just because I am on her course, I will be honest, she most certainly is) next is some homework. Yes I will be getting into bed with Graham Greene tonight the lucky swine. Am going to read ‘The End Of The Affair’ as a first try of his works, I am hoping its as good as Susan and my Gran have been saying. Muffintop is getting in on the act taking it to Sri Lanka with her!

Oh Gran sent me a cutting on GG from the Guardian this week, I love it. She gives away the ends of books and also sends me cuttings when I am only supposed to base my thoughts on his work not him (as I told her) she does it from love though and that’s very sweet. Bong is having another three blood transfusions today, I am debating when I should next see him, I have been told sooner rather than later.
The neighbour downstairs has got a kitten, its really bloody cute as I found when I saw it running over my roof terrace, then the neighbour ran across the terrace too, not so cute… the trespassing bastard! Ha, ha!

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