Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane...

August 6th 2007

Well finally I had the confirmation of something I have been dying to Blog about and didn’t want to in case it was the practical joke I thought it was. So where do I start? How about the middle… yes lets do a bit of a random story for you all today to keep up the suspense and make you want to read more, or just confuse you… if it does the later just scroll to the bottom of this blog!

So the other day I was on my new phone to Gran when randomly it got cut off (which was a slight relief as she was about to give the ending of a book away, one of her favourite habits) when my old mobile starts ringing. Now I didn’t know the number, are you like me and if you don’t know the number just wont answer the phone? Well, I broke my own rule and thank goodness I didn’t. So here is the phone conversation, I am S and the other person is A!

S: Hello?
A: Is that Mr Simon Savidge?
S: Yes…
A: Mr Savidge, finally we have been trying to get hold of you for a week?
S: Who is this?
A: Sorry my name is Andrew and I am phoning from Emirates.
S: (Puzzled) Right?
A: I am calling regarding the prize draw you entered at the Toast Festival.
S: (Still puzzled) Right?
A: Well Mr Savidge, you have won first prize.
S: (Speechless)
A: So that’s two first class return tickets to Australia via Dubai.
S: (Still speechless)
A: Mr Savidge?
S: Fuck off!
A: Sorry?
S: Are you having a laugh, is this a joke?
A: No Mr Savidge…
S: Andy is this you winding me up because if it is you are so not on my Christmas list?
A: No Mr Savidge, this is the worst part of my job, no one ever believes me.
S: Sorry but I still don’t believe you.
A: Well Mr Savidge let me take your address and details and we will send you the confirmation letter…

AND ITS HERE! Yes, I have two tickets (not claimed them yet) first class to Australia and back via Dubai! I am so excited I physically cannot bear it! What was the Toast Festival I hear you all cry? It was the place I went and spent the day with Kath & Kim, a lovely celebration of all things Australian and Kiwi (bar the vile slug burger I ate) and a basically fabulous day out in Fulham Palace. So basically it means…

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