Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Send Off

I am not going to write masses this evening as I have just exhausted myself in finally editing and re-editing and re-editing the first thousand words of my new ‘project/novel’ for the ‘A Novel In A Year Competition’ that the Telegraph are running ( sadly if you wanted to enter the closing date is tomorrow, so if you have something ready then whisk it of NOW! If not tough!

I’d actually forgotten that the deadline was tomorrow and at 200 words went into some kind of blind panic, especially when I read you had to write a synopsis that was a page long – mine isn’t but I have heard it now doesn’t need to be thank goodness! So that was that the big send off has been and gone – fingers crossed now! I wonder how many people have entered the competition.

On another topic the Spa in The Lakes is booked. I am now far too excited about this weekend for it to be believed, I simply cannot wait to get away from London for a few days. Does anyone else get like that? You just have enough of the commuting and the never ending bustle of the streets. I am also going to see some family so that will be nice – and it is Mr Brustolon’s first trip away in the UK (after 2 years here) so he is pretty thrilled too. My main aim is to get as much time in the bloody swimming pool and spa as possible, then do some walking in Windermere, devour as much Kendal Mint Cake as possible and see ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’. Should be good!

Sadly I have a meeting with the big cheese tomorrow at 6.30pm and I know it will go on for hours and hours and my long weekend won’t start till 10pm but hey ho! Right of to start series two of 24!

Oh ‘Notes on a Scandal’ the book is superb – I recommend to everyone!

Monday, January 29, 2007

I Have Readers!

I am ecstatic, and possibly a little bit tiddly. I have some blog comments – people have actually read what I write and said stuff! I love it so please do it more ha, ha, ha!

I have been lax and as you will see from today have been uploading my last week’s worth of Blogs! I am also starting to get bloody sorted finally – well I know what stuff I am finally going to write about!

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the massive three people who left comments on me Blog though. It’s touched me in places I shouldn’t!

As for what’s news – bog all. Not off to Barcelona BUT, BUT, BUT should be off to the Lake District to a Spa this weekend, so am still gonna get a weekend away!

Erm, that’s all really! Bye X

P.S Reading ‘Notes on a Scandal’ its brilliant MUST see the movie this weekend

Where Is The Feeling?

Sunday 28th Jan 2007

No sadly not the fabulous single by Miss Minogue.

Last night we went to see The Feeling at G-A-Y and naturally the night couldn’t go without some drama I mean it’s me and my friends for goodness sake! Well Kevin was deliciously late a whole hour and twenty minutes as he had French ‘visitors’ staying and got pissed before he even left the house the lush! But we got in drama free, well Richard had a nice little bitch to me about everyone.

We were in and Polly was in awe of the place, she loved the men, she loved the music and hell she even loved the shitty old Astoria ha, ha, ha! We are agreed we must take Danielle and Michelle there. Alan Pol’s boyfriend turned up and then so did mine so we just had a good old boogie! The minutes flew by and The Feeling were on, and Alex passed out! Just fell. One minute he said he had stomach ache next he was literally lolling on my knee, bloody freaky! I missed them singing dragging him off like some corpse to Epping Forest. He got some air and swiftly recovered. We had time to watch Sophie Ellis-Bextor duet with The Feeling on ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ (which should be released) and then went home. Kevin was meanwhile having a crisis with French Alex who was having asthma attacks; Richard was just rude and sulked!

Today Alex has been ok, he has had two ‘funny’ moments but we had a nice walk through Clapham Common and saw ducks and dogs, had a lunch in Gourmet Burger, and then bought stupidly expensive sweets in ‘Esca’ ( where two slices of cheesecake and a bar of Nougat was over £10 (they were fabulous though) and then came back and watched ‘Iris’. Made Alex cry which means it must be good! Now off to bed before another 8am start – it’s a joke my working hours!

Mother F***er!

Friday 25th Jan 2007

My bloody mother drives me bloody insane. I phoned her today as haven’t heard from her for weeks (I mean some people actually have a normal relationship and speak every couple of days) and I get through and she was a) pissed b) rude and c) know it all like tonight. Why cant she just sound pleased to see me and just want a bit of a chat!

No instead I had the following responses to the following questions…

S: How are you Mum, we haven’t spoken in ages?
M: I know but I am very busy… how are you?
S: Bit tired but ok
M: You’re always bloody tired.
S: Well I am working 12 hour days at the moment.
M: And?

S: So I have some news have met a nice new fella.
M: Knew that.
S: (Disappointed in her tone and attitude) Oh, how.
M: We’re not stupid Simon.

I think that final ‘we’ refers to her split personalities! A family trait it would appear and I don’t mean me… or me… or me! It’s just a bit disheartening when you want a good old catch up and you get a good old lot of drunken mum who really hasn’t the smallest interest in what you have to say!

Infuriating! Have made a decision – not phoning her anymore, she can phone me!

Fire Warden Savidge

Thursday 24th Jan 2007

I am going to become a fire warden – isn’t that exciting, I will get to wear a red jacket and everything!

Yes at News International today we had a big old fire drill on the Gray’s Inn Road and did the second floor have a fire warden, did they bollocks. So sat in a meeting (that brings a whole new level of bored into boardroom) the speakers announced a ‘fire warden meeting’ on the fifth floor, and I was elected (sadly I came back and the meeting ran another hour).

Now I’ll admit I was dubious and excited all at once, would there be firemen, would they set fire to the room for a practise? I was disappointed! It was one of the longest hours, and they talked about rubbish. However its given me a new set of ideas for a show ‘Fire Wardens’ where they meet after every ‘evacuation’, ‘small fire’ etc, and the petty personalities and issues involved, so thanks guys, you bunch of fire fighting bores!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Know Your Audience, Know Yourself

I am currently reading a kids book. Now some people say that adults reading Harry Potter and the like are a bunch of losers. I disagree, Harry Potter is brilliant and I cannot wait for the next instalment. I have actually had a row with my Aunty Alice about this whole subject, as she thinks kids books should be for kids only, I think ‘why?’

You see the current book I am reading is Artemis Fowl (as bought in my favourite place – Oxfam) and yes I have been getting some weird looks on the tube, but that might be from working from 7am everyday and I don’t look pretty in the mornings – or the day for that fact. Anyways I digress! I am reading ‘Artemis Fowl’ and why? Because I have learnt something interesting from my endless reading about writing – read more, and read more of what genre you wish to write!

As some of you may know I am on the mission of writing my first children’s book ‘Miriam Perry and the Secret of Wishingstone Way’. The first of the Miriam Perry Chronicles – I have an idea for at least three so far, the second ones having some dragons in that I cannot stop thinking about and is sidetracking me from the first book. Pesky creatures those dragons! So I thought ‘right’ better get reading the competition and do you know what – it’s a good book. I didn’t think fairies and technology would keep me entertained (it certainly is kids – it’s a mammoth seller) but it did, and damn it – I will read more kids books, they are brill.

So sorry Alice BUT I think you’re most definitely wrong. And haven’t I seen you slightly over engrossed in your soon to be Step Son’s copies of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’?

Oh What A Night!

Monday 22nd Jan 2007

Had an absolutely brilliant night out tonight and am probably quite drunk as I type this but so what?

Had a few ‘welcome to new gay in the office’ drinks tonight and a lovely group of us were out on the tiles in full force. Kevin (my assistant), Richard (hmmm), Polly (friend of 22 years and counting), Danielle (her assistant), the delightful Shloe aka Chloe and of course the new boy in question Richard the 2nd. Do you know what I haven’t laughed as much or as loud in ages?

I think what I love about my friends is that they are all a bit crazy. Polly is glamorous and ditzy, Danielle is dead pan Essex and hilarious, Kevin is just… crazy, Chloe is the sweetest most delicious girl you could wish to meet and Richard, well Richard is the biggest sulker I have ever met but in his own way he is also quite legend (mainly as I have never managed a conversation with him when he hasn’t been cruising the entire bar and not listening to a word) new Richard seems ok too. It was just the perfect last minute night out!

Drink and (being the only ones) dancing in GAY Bar, chilling in Trash Palace with the girls engrossed in the rent boy section of Boyz… sorry that should be Tug, and then bumping into Kevin’s “buddy” hem, hem, before more dancing and then home to bed! Now I must sleep – 6am rise tomorrow! Night x

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Attitudes Gone!!!!!???????????

Some of you may have noticed that Attitude Magazine has vanished from the shelves of many shops and that where it is stocked it is still Decembers. Some of you might not care, but this may help those of you who have been a wondering!

So it seems Attitude has vanished in gayland – oh if only! I have just actually had a tiff with one of my mates regarding there attitude. We were discussing something and he called me ‘cuddly’ and I said ‘oh you mean fat?’ His reply was ‘no fat people are ugly.’ Now I could have taken this as a huge compliment but it actually annoyed me! I ain’t thin and I know it. But I have been huge (with the stretch marks to show it) in the past and still have hang ups on the whole thing. My family are the worst for comments – well some of them, it seems to make for a good conversation about me, in front of me. So this kind of riled me.

Fat people are not ugly! It’s one of those ‘gay’ things that really kicks me off; just cos you’re fat you can’t be seen here there or possibly get a cute thin toned Brazilian boyfriend – wrong! A guy at work calls everyone fat… why? It covers his insecurities and makes him feel better about himself. On the gay scene I would much rather go to ‘Compton’s’, ‘XXL’ etc than G-A-Y Bar (though its getting better) because you feel freer – its more mixed, not just full of fat people.

The thing is I have beaten myself up mercilessly before over weight and why? I like a cake or two now and then – so what, does that mean I am ugly now? My friend then retracted with ‘I meant ugly people are normally fat’ – erm same thing! There was an msn splutter and then he decided to go to bed!

So maybe attitude hasn’t gone… quite yet!

P.S Funniest fat moment of late with me was when I was moaning how I needed to lose weight! I was told by Alex ‘look baby, when you see food, just shut your mouth’ I haven’t laughed so much in ages!

Grumpy, Dopey & Sleepy

Sadly not three of the seven dwarfs but Mr Simon Savidge himself, not in that order necessarily.

Is it me? Or is it just this time of year? I ask this because I am so bloody tired it is untrue. I mean I got eleven hours sleep and still woke up groggy and even worse grumpy. Mind you Mr Brustolon elbowing me in the face causing me to have a fat lip and gash in my mouth didn’t help. Boy was that boy in trouble – I made him buy me lunch!

I just don’t understand this lethargy that I am feeling right now! Is anyone else feeling like this or is it just me? Maybe it’s the pathetic almost cold I have (flu would be better at least you feel so rough you can’t go to work hahaha) I dunno. I try and sit and do PopSalvage or my new website, or anything and it’s like I have no energy for anything. I think procrastination may also be a key. What should I do? Answers on a postcard please!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Racism for Ratings?

Big Brother tonight (and last night for that matter) has made me feel so uncomfortable it’s untrue. What sort of a society are we becoming where millions of us tune in to watch people being bullied? What sort of a society are we in where we have a TV show that seems to be thriving on bullying?

I have loved Big Brother (bar the one where Cameron won, which was so dull it was unbelievable) from the first series, it shows (a selective) insight into our people, our ways and our culture. Tonight Jade Goody and her little bitches (Danielle and Jo) have shown a side of human nature that’s ugly and cruel. Most surprising for me is Jade’s behaviour. Jade, who was vilified and called a pig and hurt by what happened on the show can turn around and say some of the things she did to Shilpa, its just wrong. Did she get called into the diary room and bollocked – did she bugger! Thank god she has been taken off the face of the anti-bullying campaign what sort of a role model is this? The sponsors should withdraw and frankly we should stop watching. But people won’t!

I was bullied at school (I’m not looking for violins) and it was hell. But thanks to friends from those days I have learnt that the bullies have ended up in not such great situations in adulthood and I am stronger and doing fine thanks!

There is one slight outcome that I think is positive. The public outcry on racism (some comments have been bordering if not definite racism – mainly Danielle) has been huge and just as importantly so has the outcry to bullying. I suppose there are some people in society who do know what’s wrong and right.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Love You. And You. And You

Polyamory – what the hell? I have just been watching the show ‘I Love You. And You. And You’ on Channel 4! What a load of crazed baboons! From watching it, it seems that these people just want to shag the world and his wife, literally. This one guy had a wife and two girlfriends, and yet they weren’t allowed to shag anyone else but he could have flings as he was an ‘alpha male’, more like an alpha arsehole. I don’t preach monogamy (I couldn’t I have cheated on people – to which I am not proud) and nor do I disagree with open relationships, but for some reason this just seemed wrong.

It just brought up lots of issues for me. My mate Kris is in a loving open relationship, the agreement is they inform each other of where they are going, and they don’t create relationships. This didn’t work once and nearly split them as Kris fell for someone else and boy did that boy cause issues. They are two of the most happily married people I know, it works for them and I think it’s great. I also know a gay couple who are married and completely faithful, that works for them too. But if you can have a girlfriend and they can bring in another girlfriend or boyfriend the madness doesn’t end, and what might you catch. Some of them were planning kids and saying that it didn’t matter for them which man was the father maybe not for them but what about the child! Vexation in extreme!

Back to me ha, ha, ha I had my ex round for dinner tonight and it was lovely. True the goodbye hugs always get to me a little, but I am so pleased we can still be friends, and there wasn’t the awkwardness of last time. I even cut his hair for him without shaving anything mean or evil in the back! I am proud. Now let me go and find some Polyamorists to befriend!

My 50 Things To Do

Polly found us a quite fabulous little site today. It’s called the idea is that you log your life goals and dreams and tick them as you complete them. Some people will think this idea is a sack of poop, but I think there is something quite sweet and nice about it.

It makes a refreshing change after all when the internet is so full of porn, money making and other schemes that a little free site simply trades on your hopes and goals in life. I guess its like a life long set of New Years Resolutions and I am all for that. You could aim to swim with dolphins, go to Australia or just clean your bedroom - you then give yourself a time limit. This is all very well but I am having a problem deciding what the heck I should choose. I know I won’t be able to think of the full 50 in a night, so I have just started with one.

To write a novel – by the 17th of January 2008

I shall just have to keep adding things as they come and go. I just wanted to tell you all about it really! Erm, that’s it, nothing else to say thank you very much.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Reading About Writing

It’s ironic that someone who has the aim to become a budding writer spends so much time on his arse reading about it! I seem to have spent my day (when not out with my mates – will divulge tomorrow) reading how to write, what’s good about writing and authors thoughts on writing. Yes I have been spending my day absorbed in The Guardian Review, Friday’s Independent Arts & Culture, The Telegraph’s Review, and two writing magazines. Plus my current book on the go is ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ which is about an author and a biographer – and is very good actually!

The author Zadie Smith (who’s On Beauty I have been doing for my choice in my Book Group) wrote an interesting piece in The Guardian on reader’s and writer’s obligations with a book. Haphazard reading and writing appear to be equal evils! The writer’s magazines I am unsure on. I don’t know how helpful I have found them –mind you by that point I was skim reading – does this make me a haphazard reader? One column I'm enjoying is in The Telegraph.

The author Louise Doughty is doing a column ‘A Writer’s Year’ where each week she is teaching her readers how to cultivate and hopefully write the perfect novel. This could have been a patronising piece but it’s really good. She seems to generally want to help and by showing her readers the problems she encounters. This week she was discussing the vexation of writing a new novel in a new year – yet it wasn’t negative. The other fabulous thing that I spotted – which I had no clue about – was a competition for writers. You write the first thousand words of your novel and authors will select the best 5 and then you get a lovely lunch with agents and authors, make sense? If not, or you want to enter the details are here

Right – I am now back of to read my book, sorry I mean write my book!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shopping of a Singleton

After a day of being prodded and poked around (another lump scare downstairs – long story) I decided to go on a shop around Tooting. The list of everything I bought is actually a synopsis of my life in a weird way.

- 5 Mills & Boon for 99p (for research see yesterdays blog) they came with the stunning titles; Secret Lover, Maelstrom, Temporary Paragon, Outback Rainbow (how gay does that sound?), and Don’t Call It Love! Special sounding aren’t they?
- Miami Sound Machine – Eyes Of Innocence CD £2.99
- Gloria Estefan – Cut’s Both Ways £2.99

- Vanessa Hudgens – V £7.97, have been tempted to buy it, but was not paying over a tenner for the bint out of High School Musical
- Freemasons – Rain Down Love £1.99 – fuckers won’t send a promo lol
- A plunger… I blocked my toilet with kitchen towel after Hoyden spectacularly threw up on the floor

- Ylang Ylang De-Stress Bath Foam the de-stress says it all
- Bottle of Gallo Family White Grenache
- Sheba Delicacy Cat Food
- Cat litter
- White and yellow tulips (after my vexed weep at how single and sad I am I cant even unblock a loo – I now can)
- Stilton and Broccoli Soup (now in fridge preferred Marmite on toast)
- Juicy Fruit
- Ministry of Sound Clubber’s Guide to 2007
- The Little Friend by Donna Tartt for £2.49, bargain.
Yes that sums up my life… make of it what you will!!! Oh and I got a haircut, what an exciting day!

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Emancipation of Love

Had another mammoth chat with Michelle tonight, only we managed 2 hours almost rather than just the one. What I love about Mitch is that we can happily just talk absolute crap to each other and it’s great. Tonight’s topic was Mills and Boon. Something that Mitch introduced me to when our fabulous friendship started and had me hooked on for a while.

Well we have decided to write a masterpiece together. Like that couple who write ‘real’ masterpieces together we have had a vision and now we are going to take it in turns to write a chapter and write a ten chaptered Mills and Boon like its never been written before. The heroine of the story is… Geraldine Day, and its working title is ‘The Emancipation of Love’. My first two tasks are to write the ‘blurb’ and the first chapter for her to see on Saturday. So really I had better get a wriggle on!

Tube Tales From Hell

I am vexed; in fact I am beyond vexed with the tubes today and for two good reasons. This morning was hell. I was all chipper and doing my Monday routine of ‘this is another fresh week, lets not think of all the shit from last week’ when I got to the tube. Tooting ‘bloody’ Broadway! The queue was going out of the bloody door.
All the bloody ticket machines were out of order AND the only one of the booths was open due to ‘a staff shortage’. I mean why are we paying the sodding extra extortionate money to get on something that never runs properly (I was stuck at London Bridge for 20 minutes on the way home) and takes an hour to get to the ticket booth.

Fucking furious!

Brazil & Beatrix

After being a royally lazy slag yesterday and spending my Saturday sleeping until two in the afternoon I did something with my day today. Sundays historically for me have been that evil middle day between my day off and going back to work. So I have normally filled Saturday with events and left Sunday as a day of rest also known as the day I mope about wishing I didn’t have work the next day.

Today however was different. Alaercio took me to Rico’s in Angel to try out some of his homeland food – Brazilian. In my head it was going to go two ways. It could be a really dodgy dark place and the food would just be big greasy slabs of meat, or it could be full of life, music and amazing salads. It was closer to the latter of the two.

The whole event was lovely. It was a bit like Questo (if you have been there) where they have loads of gorgeous salads and starters, then they bring around lots of different meats and serve you at your table. In honesty the meat was a bit too much for me, it was really rare and seemed a bit too ‘wild’ for me. So I stuck with the salads and practically ate my body weight in ‘Bread-cheese’ which is like dough balls but cheese that makes a kind of bread – the name says it doesn’t it… I didn’t need to go too in-depth on that one. Savoury bananas are awesome, I thought I’d be sick as I am a ‘fruit is only for pudding’ man, but this was delicious. Only thing that I couldn’t stomach was chicken hearts. No, no, no.

After this we met Pander’s (who is having a bit of man woe) to see Miss Potter. You HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE, HAVE to see this movie. We all cried, we all laughed and we all loved. Ok so Renee does Bridget Jones in the olden days but it’s a touching and enjoyable film that certainly doesn’t deserve the rubbish reviews that its been getting frankly. The whole cast were fantastic and basically I loved it! After had few drinks with Panders and then walked over the Thames in romantic like style… was lovely day! Has made me dread today even more!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Life +10

Did anyone watch the disaster that was ‘This Life +10’? It was on last week but was so dull and forgetful I didn’t even bother to Blog my dissatisfaction at the whole event! The gist is that This Life was an amazing TV show that I was addicted to aged around 15. I literally lived and breathed for it (then again I also oncelived and breathed for every movement of a Spice Girl) and the reunion show was to put it mildly, a let down.

Like I said I had forgotten all about it until I had an hour long conversation with Mitch. She said she hadn’t really found the show particularily good or bad, but had found it left her feeling sad and questioning the future, oddly something I had thought and yet also forgotten. It has brought up (for quite a few people) the question… where the hell will we be in ten years time?

I mean we all have our ideals. I would love to be an author on my 5th or 6th book and enjoying a life in the country side (Derbyshire or The Lakes) with a house in London for the Literary Awards etc, etc. That’s the dream, but whats the likelihood? I am not saying I can’t/won’t manage it but nothing is certain. I mean I look back at me aged 15. I thought by 25 I would have been in a pop group for 5 years and be on my way to solo success – look what happened there! Hem hem!

Yet bizarrely it’s easy to see the potential in others. I could predict what I think my friends will be doing (I am not going to say all of them now) because it’s easier for me to place my hopes on them. I can see Mitch being someone of importance in the conservation world. Ideally saving tigers and other animals in the jungle (she wet herself at this) and can easily see Polly being the owner of her own business ‘Polly Mixture’ (a victorian like sweet shop with the works – would be fabulous) and being a mum. So how can I not put that on myself, or predict my own fate if you will? It’s all a bit bizarre.

I didn’t really find a final point to close this Blog on. I guess that’s because I’m in a thoughtful and undecided mood. Do you know what you want to be doing in ten years time?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Highly Kylie!

After an amazing show, here is the review I have just done for enjoy...

Well it was the event that we’d all been waiting for Kylie’s return to stage with the ‘Showgirl Homecoming Tour’. After less than a year of Kylie completing her chemotherapy and having not been ‘in pop action’ for well over a year, we couldn’t wait. Naturally there were the worries of, would she be as good, would she handle two hours on stage and would she be overdoing it?

The lights dimmed the Overture started and within 30 seconds a stunning looking Kylie stood with no music just taking in the roar of the crowd… and we mean roar. She took it all in waved enigmatically and hit us with ‘Better The Devil You Know’ sticking with feathers but changing from the blue of old for a camper more sparkling pink. The highlight of the first section was without a doubt ‘White Diamond’ which reminded us of something, but we don’t know what. Slightly Kate Bush over a huge dance floor epic – yes that sums it up.

Chat was had with the audience before ‘On A Night Like This’ a costume change and a medley of ‘Shocked’, ‘What Do I Have To Do’ and ‘Spinning Around’ we call it a medley but it wasn’t snippets, it was just the right sections of each song. ‘Confide in Me’ had an Eastern overhaul for the next section, it also proved that she can still belt out the notes she always could. ‘Cowboy Style/Finer Feelings’ and ‘Too Far’ showed the real fans in the crowd as half the audience neither new the words or had any clues what the songs were from the looks on some of there faces.

Favourite outfit was without question in the next section ‘Athletica’ opening with a shower scene of men and a gym them throughout ‘Red Blooded Woman’, and a much more electro and dirty ‘Slow’ before we waited with baited breath as to who would duet with her on ‘Kids’ – no one did, well bar the backing dancers or the audience but it was still amazing! Then we had the 20 minute break to sit and digest. ‘Wasn’t she looking amazing?’ ‘Yes, she didn’t dance as much and was sweating and drinking a lot, but boy she was fabulous.’ Etc, etc.

‘Over The Rainbow’ opened the second half, seeing her dressed in a stunning red ball gown, it was swiftly followed by a ballad version of ‘Come Into My World’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘I Believe In You’ and another song no one seemed to know ‘Dreams’. More chatting ensued between the last two and she was gone, only to come back for ‘The Dance of the Cyberman’ section opening with amazing Doctor Who-esque lights and sounds that then became ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. What came next was for us the most stunning part both vocally and visually. ‘Light Year’s’ which broke into ‘Turn It Into Love’ and back again, the effects were amazing, the vocals were brilliant and it literally took our breath away.

The encore was opened with a newly poignant ‘Especially For You’ and ‘Love At First Sight’. In between these she plucked 3 little girls out of the audience for a rendition of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ it was too cute for words. The night had sped past, tears where shed and suddenly she was gone and we were on the phone for tickets for the next night! She chatted, she danced, she sang and she conquered, welcome back Kylie… we have missed you!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

What a fabulous name Ms J.K.Rowling has chosen for the finale of Harry Potter. I am impressed especially after the hurrendously titled Half Blood Prince, "The Death of Dumbledore" would have been my personal choice. Oh, sorry does that give the ending away. It has made me realise how important the title of a book can be! Hence with why the title "Miriam Perry and the Secret of Wishingstone Way" is one that works and I am happy with. I now just need to get on with the book. Ha ha ha! I have an aim as of sorting and a few other odds and ends (not procrastinating in anyway I swear) I aim to write a chapter a day - ok maybe a chapter a week. My will power is already slipping - oh dear!

Got January's Bent Column finally, seemed so long ago had forgotten what the problems had been. With moving and Christmas and oh just all the Griff stuff the last month seems to have made it last a full year! God, look at me being all pathetic ha ha ha! I will not carry on this way this year I swear.

Work was ok, bit stressful for a first day but naff it a) I got Geri Halliwell's new single and b) I AM SEEING KYLIE TOMORROW! Hoorah!

Reading - The Shadow of the North - Phillip Pullman

Listening to - "100% Pure Love" - Geri Halliwell, and most of the Kylie back catalogue!

Resolute To Keep Resolutions

Happy New Year to one and all!

Ok so the resolutions on this hungover morning are...

1. To be more frugal
2. To love myself and respect myself a bit more
3. To write my novel
4. To bullshit less
5. To see more of my family and friends
6. To rid myself of dramatic so called 'friends'
7. To make more friends
8. To have one big f**k off holiday
9. To push myself harder and further in work and personal life
10. To see the good in people and be a bit less of a bitch
11. To keep my resolutions!