Monday, September 10, 2007

True Friendship Is Crepes On A Main Road Followed By Cocktails…

August 10th 2007

Nothing to report really but decided it was best if I actually put up a blog saying bugger all than not doing one for a while and people thinking I am being lazy again.

Went out with Polly last night was really random but really nice. We went to a place just behind work called Dollar Bar & Grill and the bar in the basement is very glam with all these velvet chairs and the likes, and arches and underground cubby-holes. Its also only cocktails, I had a ‘Showgirl’ in honour of Miss Minogue.

Before we went in though we were starving so we got two takeaway crepes and sat on a bench on the main road watching the world go by and talking absolute rubbish, now that’s a true friendship!

Oh G has gone for two weeks leaving me to fend for myself. I am pooping my pants to be quite honest!

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