Friday, March 30, 2007

Flirting For Fun

Wednesday 28th March

I have been accused of flirting today and being a bad boy because of it. Now I found this quite odd. I am in a happy relationship that means the world to me. Strangely for a second I felt bad. Then I thought ‘oh get over it’ I flirt with everyone.

I do, it’s true, and I flirt like a good’en. I flirt with the girls at work, I flirt with my boss on occasion (I am not saying they flirt back, they don’t) but for me it is a laugh, a social thing, its fun – sod it. If you flirt you don’t necessarily want to follow anything through. I mean I am a big old poof so me flirting with girls its never going to go anywhere, suddenly when I am flirting with another man I have to stop and be more mature. Oh please!

I will flirt with whom I wish when I wish. Ok so I am being flirted back with, but that doesn’t mean that we are suddenly going to be dashing off into the stationery cupboard and have our way with each other. There isn’t a door for a start. Ha, ha, I am joking. I think flirting is fun, wouldn’t life just be a little more boring without it?

Artist of the Floating World

Tuesday 27th of March

I’ve been to book group tonight. It was a very nice affair compromising of Dave, Polly, Stephanie, Danielle, Katie, Matt and Kaylord. It also compromised of a nice shandy in the pub followed by some delicious Japanese food (sadly they didn’t seem to be able to serve everyone at once and it arrived every 5 minutes) in Aki on Gray’s Inn Road.

The book this month was ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ by Ishiguro. Now strike me down but I have never read ‘Remains of the Day’ and this book hasn’t put me off, but it could have done. The writing is beautiful but to be honest I didn’t like the book. Only Matt and Katie really liked the book that much. Everybody else felt a bit half hearted about the whole affair. Any book that has a first chapter of over 90 words is bound to put me off. I like to stop reading at the end of a chapter not halfway or a quarter of the way through.

We had a few heated debates, particularly on the whole idea of patriotism. I zoned out a bit. I don’t like the sound of my own voice (well not always) but I couldn’t get a word in anywhere so went a bit into myself which isn’t like me.

Ended up in McDonalds with Danielle, having an apple pie each and a gossip. Not a bad night!

The Depths of Despair

Monday 26th of March

Won’t write too much tonight. I’m absolutely sozzled! I went round to Rachel’s after a bit of a mediocre day and had a fabulous time. Her house is gorgeous; I am quite green with envy. I love my little flat but I would kill for a spacious house with a garden. Bloody Rachel ha, ha, ha!

We had two bottles of wine and Rachel’s phenomenal version of Shepard’s Pie. She whisked an egg and puts it on top (awesome) and it had baked beans in it which was as we both liked to say ‘orgasmic’.

Part of the purpose of going round was to watch ‘Anne of Green Gables’ it’s fabulous. So camp and so sweet, Anne is a genius character. She’s so dramatic either ‘something terrible has just happened’ or she is in the ‘depths of despair’. I honestly have to buy the DVD. I was laughing, and at one point really close to tears. Oh it was a roller coaster of emotions… and Gilbert Blythe, oh Gilbert Blythe.

One final thing ‘CARROTS’ only a true Anne fan would get what I mean!

The Day After The Day Before

Sunday 25th of March

What a birthday! I can honestly say I think it is the best birthday that I have ever had… ever! I also think this is the biggest hangover I have ever had ever.

The day started a bit too early for my liking. Mr. B’s mobile woke us at 7.30am, I was severely unimpressed. Having gone in to the toilet in a vile mood I came out to be greeted by a hamper! It had roses, chocolates, cheese, ham, croissants and jam – the works. The cappuccinos were amazing! I then went back to sleep.

After awaking I had my cards and presents before shopping for a new outfit. Birthday tantrum nearly followed when I couldn’t find any sodding jeans I liked or that fit, but the final shop of the morning saved the day! Next was off to meet Mummy outside the British Museum. A grope hello and introduction to Mr. B – yes he has met the mother in law – and five streets later she remembered to say ‘Happy Birthday’, dozy mare.

We had a quick coffee and then joined my friends. Michelle was there early as she is a big loser, and we went in. Rachel came in looking fabulous – she was so nervous about her outfit, Polly followed shortly in a shock of all shocks, she was on time. Andy, Ricardo and Quentin were all fabulously late, and Kay and Matt showed up at the same time – how suspicious. Balan’s did what it always did and served us amazing cocktails and food. Mum had to dash – she was gutted and so were we!

‘The Yard’ saw us attract even more people, some we knew (Naoma, Julie, Richard, Joe, Chloe, Stephanie, and Malcolm) and some we didn’t! The attitude I have is the more the merrier. We then got all glammed up and fabulous in Trash Palace losing some people along the way and gaining the fabulous Miss Helen of Curtains. Ending up drunk off our faces in McDonald’s it was great. I have to say Michelle was on form in McDonalds making me nearly wet myself twice.

The night was slightly ruined when we trolled into the house at 5am (Danielle, Michelle, Helen, Mr. B and I) and Hoyden had spewed everywhere – little bugger, I had spoken to her and everything! It was a brilliant night overall though, with too many brilliant memories and highlights to mention. However some included;
- Andy & Ricardo snogging
- Danielle announcing she’d had ‘a rot to rink’
- Quentin doing the longest burps I have ever heard
- Michelle and me laughing at fuck all for ten minutes
- Helen getting glitter envy
- Polly getting so plastered that she couldn’t do anything
- Ricardo snogging more men
- Alex being a bit of a penis
- Rachel vanishing with Matt & Kay saying it was 7pm and they must dash, it was 9.30pm!

All in all great, really, really bloody great!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Saying Goodbye to 24

Friday 23rd March

It’s with slight sadness that I am sitting here on the eve of my 25th Birthday saying a fond (if slightly drunken) farewell to the year that was my 24th and also in a weird way goodbye to my early twenties but I don’t really want to focus on the later. I may suddenly have a quarter of a century life crisis or something!

Relationships - 24 has been a weird year, in mainly good ways. I came out of a three year relationship that I thought would last forever. That relationship slowly died and I thought I would never fall in love again, late in the year I have, and have met someone who I think knows me better than my ex ever did. How times can change.

Family – my Aunty got engaged which is fabulous news. The relations between my uncle and my Gran worsened now a few people in the family aren’t talking. I saw more of my family than normal this last year which was lovely. I spent time in the lakes, time in Derbyshire and time with mum. My relationship with my Mum has much improved; my little brother and sister now think that I am old.

Friends – I have said goodbye to some people in my life I thought were friends. This isn’t a sad thing though; I know it should be but the friends I have kept and the new ones I have made are worth their weight in gold, so I can’t be saddened. I have made some amazing new friends… and a couple of blinding enemies’ hahahahahahahaha!

Holidays – I would have to say that I have not had enough holidays but recently I haven’t been able to afford amazing holidays. I had an awesome time at my mums last year, spent some great time in Derbyshire the best holiday had to be the Lake District, the spa the hills and everything was just amazing – next year Brazil is calling.

Work – My normal job has been good, I have gone on to being Office Manager and from temp to that is quite impressive. In terms of the work I love to do I did possibly the best thing I have done so far yet. I got my own column in a magazine, and by sheer cheek, and sheer soul effort. I am really proud with myself and even if I sound like I am, I’m not blowing my own trumpet, I deserve to be proud.

It doesn’t look like much does it I guess. There are extra little things; seeing Madonna, meeting Melanie C, seeing Kylie in concert oh there are a few other happy and fond memories. I just have a gut feeling that 25 is going to be even better!

Right this drunken boy is off to his bed… well I need my beauty sleep; I’m going to be bloody old tomorrow!


Thursday 22nd of March

Went out with work for the newly formed ‘Movie Club’ (not as fabulous as ‘Book Group’ but I would say that I am a founding member) to see the new epic ‘300’. The night was really good.

We went for food at Pizza Express after work (walking bloody ages from Gray’s Inn Road to the street of our old offices, the gorgeous Charlotte Street) and had some awesome food, I love Pizza Express dough balls – I could eat them all day. Danielle and I shared an amazing ‘Chocolate Glory’ which was absolutely gorgeous and would be absolutely fattening if we had managed to eat it all but my ‘Fiorentina’ was frankly a little to damn good and a little too damn filling.

As for the movie… its amazing! I now want to marry Gerard Butler even more than I did after ‘Phantom of the Opera’. There is a Sin City-ness about it which is only natural as its by the same people but that is what I loved about it. It is absolutely stunning to watch. The acting is quite good (the lead woman I couldn’t decide upon) and the men are stunning – stunning I tell you! Two funny bits; a sex scene that was pretty ridiculous and had a bit of ‘bottom love’ that made the whole audience laugh, and a goat playing a flute – can someone please explain that to me?

You MUST see this film, yes its really, really gory and there is fight scene and decapitation after fight scene and decapitation… buts its bloody brilliant. Yes literally ‘bloody brilliant’.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When Book Tribes Go To War

Someone I have never heard of sent me a link to a site which I think is going to be quite brilliant! Its and its all about my favourite things in the world… books. Basically it’s a forum/community site where you can read and write reviews, plug your own work and find out what other readers and authors are doing. What a brilliant place, its like heaven for me!

I have to say its been another book day with me listing all the Comic Relief books, finally getting a copy of New Books Magazine in the post and putting myself forward to doing more reviewing of books. Mr B has gotten me an early birthday present today by paying for a subscription to New Books Magazine which I am thrilled with. I have also been doing some shopping on Amazon – though no books just some Europop! Hahahahaha!

Sadly however my current read ‘The Tenderness Of Wolves’ is not the masterpiece I had hoped for and has taken me a pathetic 2 weeks to get a third of the way through. I wanted it to be amazing!

Now I have the task of really cutting my book pile down and listing some of them on eBay and some on oh I am all booked out! I’ve even gotten Polly reviewing! She has a week for her book poor bugger, and then its book group next week. I need to book myself a book break.

Am I A Sex Addict?

Tuesday 20th March

Recently I have been missing some cracking telly. I missed ‘Fallen Angel’, Hotel Babylon Series 2, that Louise documentary, and the like. Tonight however I actually caught something good. It was ‘Am I A Sex Addict’ with Ulrika Johnson talking to therapists and ex sex addicts and seeing if she has an addiction. I think I could answer that in a word, but she was good. I don’t love her by any standards and I don’t hate her but I can find her hard to watch. However with Dancing On Ice (I was obsessed – but missed the final) and this she has impressed me.

I thought of Michelle instantly when she did the silly ‘Horse Therapy’ which actually was very insightful. Ulrika was instantly wanting to ride the first horse she met (oh the irony) and then it followed her and she couldn’t keep it out of her head. This showed she had a certain type of animal/man she liked. Next they took it for a walk and she just let it lead everywhere and then lost interest – again like her and her men. She wouldn’t ride it as she didn’t trust it etc, etc. It was a clever way of relating her feelings towards anyone.

It got me thinking though, would I describe myself as a sex addict. The answer is… borderline. I love sex. I could have sex 24/7, but I also respect it. I miss it when its not there but I wont go out of my way to get it. I know if you love someone it means more, but I am aware sex with someone randomly is naughty and adds a certain element to it.

Have I used it to feel good about myself? Yes, course I have sex makes everyone feel good. Have I used it to make someone like me? Yes in the past sex could be used as some sort of acceptance that gay men did fancy me. Have I used sex to make me feel better about myself? Yes, I have slept with really attractive but dull men just so I could bed someone hot, and I have also slept with someone who was lovely but not the most attractive man so I could feel the sexy one. This doesn’t make me an addict as I see it, it makes me normal.

We all use our sexuality in our lives. Flirting is a really social thing, I flirt with all the girls at work – do I want to have sex with them, erm, no! Is it a power thing? No. Am I being a dirty old gay letch? No. I am having fun.

To me a sex addict is someone who needs it 24/7 a day, I could do it for that but I don’t NEED 24/7. Make sense. I also do get very emotionally attached, a bit of a girly me I would rather have sex with someone I really care about! I have always been monogamous (yes I have cheated but I don’t think its big or clever, my situation was an unhappy one) but I don’t disagree with open relationships. I like sex, I hope sex likes me… lets all like sex!

Just thought I would clear that one up!

My MySpace Moan

Monday 19th of March

I’ve been with MySpace since July last year, I love it… but!

I am sick of it crashing
I hate the fact that if someone is deleted they don’t delete them from your friends list.
I can never find the friends I really want to talk to.
People can be false/rude!
Erm… think that’s my vent done with. Oh no once someone asks to be your friend you accept and then can’t find the bugger to say thank you, leaving them thinking you are one of the rude buggers above.
What the funk is a Kudos… can someone please tell me – I genuinely want to know!

But I do love it for all the fabulous people who have made an effort on here and all the fabulous people who I chat away to but might never meet! There are pro’s and cons. Am I being miserable?

One thing I am being is hard faced – I am going to start clearing out my ‘friends’ I say yes to everyone, but really I should be a little lethal and clear out the deleted ones and ones that I just said yes to in order to be popular! Moan over!

The Big Suprise...

Have had a few surprises this weekend actually. The main one being the one I am leaving till last. The second was the fact I enjoyed a weekend at my mothers, the third being that me and my step-dad are just getting on better and better. Hang on lets go back to the beginning. The fourth is that you can get on with your exe’s.

It’s been so long since have written will start with the ex. Met up with my ex-ex on Thursday night. I was a bit apprehensive and all that but it turned out to be a really lovely night. We caught up over a nice long pub crawl (Rupert Street, The Yard, GAY Bar, Ku Bar – the new one is horrid) in Soho and got royally wasted, just what I love to do. Mr Married (part of the reason we split – he didn’t tell me for two years) and I painted the town red, he needed it after splitting up with his man after me. So was all good.

A very hungover Simon then went home to Mummies on Friday, it’s a bloody trek. But was totally worth it when they turned up and the kids were very excited to see their big brother. Sadly my 6 year old brother is a complete wind bucket and I retched the way to their village in the middle of nowhere. Worse shock of all was the fact that I had NO SIGNAL! I mean how a young man is supposed to cope with that for a weekend is beyond me.

Saturday was nice, went for a pub lunch, then a stroll round Clun Castle. I love castles and this was a particularly good ruin; reminded me of Kendal. I had some more ideas for Miriam’s book which is always good as I have been having something of a pause and block on the writing scale. Went and did some paddling – bloody freezing – but big brothers have to appear to be big fun. Mum made awesome fajita’s which were delicious. Then ended up drinking with my step-dad till gone 2am. He’s said Mum has been worried about me and that’s why she has been a bit off with me. It makes no sense to me but hey ho, she’s meeting Mr B next weekend so am hoping her iciness towards him will end. She’s not even met the poor bugger!

That brings me to my third surprise. After being woken at 6am by my delightful brother and sister (my hangover was so bad) I helped make breakfast for mothers day (my 8 year old sister cant do toast) went for a lovely curry at lunch and then came home. The flat was covered in candles and roses. It was so sweet, so romantic and just so nice I almost cried… almost. There was champagne on ice and a bath with rose petals! Then came the biggest surprise of all… but you’ll have to ask me if you want to know what that is!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Tomorrow is going to be manic. You know when you’re in a situation and you’ve got too much to fit into a day? That’ll be me. I’ve got to get my hair done, get out of London, come back later on and go home and then out again for Helen’s birthday. It’ll be like challenge Anneka!

Mission of the day is the fact I am going blonde/blonder but it should be quite a noticeable difference (I hope not to end up coming out looking like a skunk, and no before you say it, I do not smell like one… always) its for a friend at Charles Worthington who needs boy models and naturally I accepted! They do amazing head massages, the works. So I am trusting Nicky 100% not to make me look more of a moose. Hopefully though I will find out if blondes do indeed have more fun!

Today has been mediocre. I had my regular bout of office paranoia which is always good. It’s become a regular and I sooooooo need to get over it! Made more money for Comic Relief though which is great, another book sale was successfully done!

My new laptop decided to piss up last night which was nice of it! It’s decided to delete its own drives. Thankfully ‘Dan The It Man’ saved the day and I finally sold my old shit-top so that’s money I can payback to my debtors! Can you imagine me, a pop addict, not having the ability to play or rip music – oh its unthinkable.

Giorgia was back from Italy (I had missed her lots – she’s a legend) and she had bought me some ‘Limoncello’, which is now in the freezer, so I shall be getting royally pissed tonight after my bath. There was also the perfect compliment gift of chocolates, she knows me so well!

Right I must dash! I have dinner to cook, a bath to jump in and a lovely new book to read! Bye!

P.S so sponsor me please!

Monday, March 12, 2007

High Five's All Round

For some random reason today Danielle and I have started high fiving each other even on the tube at the end of the day much to our amusements and no one else’s. It all started from me passing her at lunch and her putting her hand up as she thought I was going to high five her. Now I haven’t high fived someone since the 80’s or early 90’s. It’s great though it really makes me laugh, it should be some kind of therapy – or not.

I’ll tell you something though, if I could get this temporary writers block sorted I would be high fiving everyone on the bloody underground. I had some wonderful advice of Alison though. She’s also a writer and a close personal myspace friend who also writes. Her advice was to sit on the project for a while and let the others all flow into place. This is a new think Giorgia has also been teaching me. Mind maps! Instead of sitting frustrating myself with the fact that nothing is coming I should just plan whatever is going on in my mind and leave it until something else comes up.

I am going to try my hardest to do this. Sadly I know that I have whims. If something comes into my head I simply cannot let it go. As Giorgia also says ‘you’re the person who can change it, no one else can change you Simon’ and she is right – damn her ha, ha, ha! So that’s my new attitude; go with the flow. What comes to me I will follow but I am not obsessing about it. Yes, a new period in Simon’s personal history is starting and I am hoping I am going to like it – and get some more work done through it! High five to me!

Picnics, Princesses, Poof’s, Pasta and Prejudice

Sunday 11th March

Picnics – The delightful Mr B bought us a picnic today which was lovely. By just after 1o’clock we were sat by a pond near Clapham South and being surrounded by chav’s, how idyllic. The funniest thing happened as we were tucking into our baguettes and Boursin, this huge great dog ran straight between us making Mr B scream like a complete girl! Much to my amusement, after all when I had fallen up the stairs at Clapham Common and he had pissed himself it was simply karma.

Princesses – from the picnic we tried to get into a church. When did all churches suddenly lock their doors when there are no services? I remember the days you could just wander in whenever. So we had a quick £5 (ridiculous) glass of wine each at the cinema bar before seeing ‘The Queen’ (last chance Sundays at Clapham Picturehouse are great!) It was really good, not sure I would say Oscar worthy, I preferred Judy in ‘Notes’, but definitely a brilliant performance. What made the most impact was reliving the week Diana died. I may shock some of you to say this but I wasn’t the biggest Diana fan – I liked her, just didn’t love her – I had forgotten how it affected the country, very moving, made me proud to be British… in a random sense.

Poof’s – naturally as we were in Clapham we went to some poof bars – which was nice.

Pasta – as we had a ‘free meal’ voucher after the atrocious meal at Strada last week we went back to use it and give them another go. Overall a much, much better service and a much, much better meal, and the waitress was lovely, Mr B showed off by speaking in Italian... she was Mexican, how I laughed. Only qualm would be they served our Lemon Jello or, whatever it’s called, warm… its not very nice warm. Headed to SO:UK, is it me or have the prices leapt up in there? The claim they are a doubles bar – I wouldn’t go that far frankly!

Prejudice – last stop in our ‘day out’ was the cinema, again. This time it was for ‘Becoming Jane’. I love Jane Austen, I think she is a genius and in many ways I loved the film it had Julie Walters and Maggie Smith in it after all! Maggie Smith steals the show, Anne Hathaway let me down. I so wanted to like her, I wanted her to prove the judges wrong that she wasn’t worth the casting, but she didn’t. I just kept thinking ‘ooh you’re Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada being English in an old fashioned dress’ not ‘wow, that’s such a good piece of acting’. So I didn’t feel I believed the whole thing, naturally I’ll be buying it on DVD though – so fickle!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Prologue... The Rage That Stormed

Hoyden ran through the rain, she wasn’t happy. Her black hair stuck to her skin like slimy rats tails, but she knew she must get home. They said England had bad weather but this storm had lasted for 6 hours and the pitch black clouds brought more than just a chill in the air. She didn’t know what, but this storm was bringing something, storms normally raged but this storm carried rage. The clouds looked ominous and the sky was angry.
Miles away Dave woke from her slumber with a start. She thought she had heard voices. She got up and walked around the house. No one else was awake, she must have been dreaming. ‘Ressurectio’ she heard as a rush through the house. She shook her head, it must be the rain on the windows, or the wind through the tree’s. She sniffed, something smelt bad. She didn’t know what but something was amiss.
In central London people passed down the street drenched. Looking at the lit window you would have thought Phoebe was watching them with glee. She wasn’t. She was watching and waiting, what for she didn’t know. She had dreamt of lightning which always made her nervous, only this storm was so lacking in lightning when the atmosphere was electric. People continued to pass by, Phoebe yawned. It was quarter past midnight, not quite the right time, but almost. She could feel something, almost. She continued to stare, looking straight through the raindrops running in front of her gaze. She wasn’t the only one.
Miriam Perry had sat bolt upright in her bed. The rain was beating so hard it must have spoiled her dreams. No, something had woken her up, a voice perhaps? The curtains rustled from the open window. A sudden chill caught her and grabbing her dressing gown she slipped out of bed to close it. Outside was pitch black, darker than any night she had ever seen. As she closed the window a flash of bright red lightning shot down miles away briefly lighting the sky. Miriam rubbed her eyes; she could have sworn the clouds had a face, only a glimpse, but a face it had been with blood red eyes. She hurriedly closed the curtains and hid her face under the duvet desperate for sleep. She couldn’t have seen something, but indeed she had.


Matlock was a quiet town. Its inhabitants lead a quiet life day to day. The shops opened, the car parks filled, people went to work. It was very like any other large town, except tonight. The sky was filled with clouds that looked like jet black smoke. Despite the clouds and the sheets of icy dagger like rain there was no thunder, no sound. Riber Castle couldn’t be seen in the pitch black, yet on the opposite hill, Wishingstone Way to be precise, something started to glow. It was a large old boulder the ‘Wishing Stone’ that had given the street its very name. Now and again it would glow with an ethereal green. Suddenly from nowhere a red bolt of lightning hit the rock. ‘Ressurectio’ shouted the clouds; only they were no longer what they seemed. They had formed an angry face ‘suscitatio everto’ it shouted, ‘suscitatio everto’, once more ‘suscitatio everto’ another red bolt hit the rock and with an almighty crack the rock broke clean in two and the nights sky was erased for a second as with a flash everything turned pure blood red.


‘Suscitatio everto’ Phoebe screamed as if she had been attacked as she was thrown across the room. She gathered herself looked around. She had felt that. Her body seemed to be filled with electricity. Every step she took an electric shock trembled through the core of her bones, again she flew across the room screaming, and again. The light switched on ‘Phoebe?’ still half asleep Polly picked Phoebe up ‘Silly cat, whatever is the matter with you?’ But for as much as she stroked Phoebe’s pure white fur not a single purr came from the cat, she just looked at her owner with a knowing stare swishing her tail deep in troubled thought.
‘Suscitatio everto’ Dave barked at the hissing voice instantly waking the house, as barking wasn’t something Dave had ever done. She continued to bark as the voice inside her head repeated the words twice more. Footsteps ran down the stairs. Michelle took one look at Dave and her eyes said it all. Michelle had felt something wrong in her crystals the previous day; it hadn’t been clear then quite what it was. The Red Jasper on the hall table exploded and Michelle could see things crystal clear.
Hoyden turned the corner of the block and ran straight to the door. She must wake Simon; he would know what to do. As she approached the voice rang through her head ‘suscitatio everto’ she felt dizzy and suddenly faint but she must get in. She was ready to break the door down if needed be, but it swung open, Simon it seemed had been woken by it too. She jumped into his arms her whiskers dripped from the rain. The cat looked up at Simon and just like a human said ‘its coming isn’t it?’
‘Coming?’ Simon questioned looking sullen ‘Hoyden I think we all know… it’s already here’.


Has anyone seen the piece in the Guardian today about the new breeds of dogs they are mixing? When I saw the newly named ‘Cockapoo’ I nearly wet myself, its so cute though, a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle – but what a gay name!

There was another interesting piece about Google. They are copying, transcribing and uploading books for a new part of their site. I’m not sure I like it – does this mean book shops will go out of fashion. I hope not, there is nothing quite as nice as browsing for a new book – I should know I’m an addict!

As for how things are with me – fine. I am just plodding on! Have had three new ideas for future writing projects so have done as been told… am writing them down and then just leaving them. I need to concentrate on one project at a time. See I am learning!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Not the Treat I Needed!

I’ve not written for ages. Sadly my step-granddad died on Tuesday and have been in a funny frame of mind since, but you learn when there is a death that life has to go on.

Since then I haven’t done any writing, but did get engrossed in Most Haunted 7, and of course the book I’ve been reading for I don’t know if any of you remember the band Sleeper from the 90’s? I used to love them, I still have ‘The It Girl’ album so have dug that up since. Anyway, the book I’ve been reviewing is by the ex-lead singer Louise Wener – her third book in fact called ‘The Half Life of Stars’ its very good. The review is done and sent off, so now I have to read the next one ‘The Art of Undressing’ not sure if I will love or loathe but time will tell. I also have to fit in the book group’s next choice ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ by Kazuo Ishiguro. After that I might actually be able to read one of the books I have bought in my recent shops that I am gagging to read; the only question is which one.

Kevin and I went and saw treats last night. It was the press launch. I was hoping it would be amazing and cheer me up no end. Billie Piper was good… the play isn’t. Her character has no real depth, she has to frown a lot and cry a lot, but in the first half she only has about 30 lines. Second half see’s more of her coming into action, my biggest problem was the fact that I didn’t like a single character, I hate it when they do this (bar the movie and play ‘Closer’ because in that case they are horrid but you want to watch them) and the whole two men in love with the same woman is a bit of a stale story. She was good though and from the small amount I saw the girl can act.

Well need to start reading some more so I must dash! I’ll catch up with everyone soon!

Oh before I forget – I am doing the Crusaid Walk for Life on Sunday the 10th of June so sponsor me here

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From Bad To Better

I was in a bit of a mood yesterday but am feeling much better today you will all be glad to hear. Work was good today, really positive and my creative juices have started flowing!

Today has also been a day of goodies… I received lots of promo’s. I received…
Walk This Way – Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud
With Love – Hilary Duff
Out Of The Woods – Tracey Thorn (Raise The Roof is amazing!)
Tell Me’ Bout It – Joss Stone
The Angry Mob – Kaiser Chiefs
I Want Candy – Melanie C
Most Haunted Series 7

So it’s been a bit poptastic and spooky here in my flat tonight and has got my arse in gear with which is always good. I had let it go to shit for a few months if I am honest! Bad Simon, naughty Simon. I always forget there are some pro’s to having contacts who can get me shed loads of freebies! I’m so cheap. But hey, its cheered me the f**k up!

Also I am off to the press night of ‘Treats’ on Thursday starring Billie Piper so am naturally very excited. Ooh, and am off to see ‘Equus’ on the 5th of April (am taking Danielle) so that’s all good too.

Yes Simon is back on form… if not really that full of exciting news! Sorry!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Knock Back In Time

I’m feeling a little low tonight. I had quite a productive day at work but everything else is getting a little on top of me. I think the change in the day was an email I had about some freelance work I had submitted that they don’t want and it’s a magazine I have been desperate to work for, but what can you do?

I have to look on the bright side. I have a possible deal with a publishers (no bloody agent yet though ha), I have my columns in Bent and am going to be working on QR lots, oh and the reviewing for Waterstones. So frankly I need to sit back and stop being such a whinge bag!

The biggest issue for me with my writing is self doubt. I try my hardest to be confident, calm and happy, but deep down is a worm that’s eating away at me and its stopping me from doing anything. Does anyone else get like this?

The positives of the day have been high. I am not going to one fabulous party but two on Saturday. I have one with my mate Melissa where I am going for a meal and then one with one of the editors of QR, so that’s lovely. Maureen had a mass of review/advance books she didn’t want so I was naturally in heaven, I took a shit load! ‘Kept’ by D J Taylor (which I’ve really been wanting to read), ‘Vienna Blood’, ‘Set in Stone’ by Linda Newbery and ‘Man Walks Into A Room’ by the fabulous Nicole Krauss. I also got my Mum and my Gran a few books. Legendary! I’m addicted ok? What can I do about it; it’s a non changeable part of me. I still bought that book ‘The Tenderness of Wolves’ that everyone is raving about.

Actually that book has a fabulous story. Stef Penney who wrote it is agoraphobic. The book is set in the 1860’s in Canada. She did all her research and scene setting in the British Library and its won the Whitbread Award, and had people totally believing she had been to the places in Canada she described. Now if that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.

Right I am cream crackered and I think that I deserve a long soak in the bath with my book… bye-bye!

It's All An Illusion

I have never ever walked out of a restaurant, especially not after having eaten the first course and had a drink, until today. In an attempt to ‘make Sunday count’ (even though I didn’t get up till 2pm) Mr B and I went to Clapham. We decided we would take in a movie – more of that later – and go and get a nice meal.

Strada is normally really good for food and service but this was shocking. After 15 minutes we were finally asked if we would like a drink. When they arrived ten minutes later we were asked to order. The starters arrived another 20 minutes later and after waiting another 30 minutes; no main course, and a film starting in ten minutes we got up. The manager was apologetic and we got the starter and drinks for free and told to come back later and we would get a free meal – as if! I was furious… no one comes between me and my dinner.

We saw ‘The Illusionist’ it was quite good. I wouldn’t rave about it but I enjoyed most of it, only the start was really, really slow. It picked up and was a mix of romance and mystery… I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a thriller.

We went for a few drinks in Clapham at Kazbar and The Brewers. The Brewers was some football bash and was packed to the eyeballs so we didn’t stay long. A second Italian was eaten (and one I can actually recommend) ‘Eco’ was nice with some gorgeous seafood (for Mr B) and I had some giant fuck off pizza thingy that had been folded over! Yum, yum, yum!

Then was home time, am now sat on the bed about to indulge myself in some Lemsip and then let Mr B read me some of his book! Night!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surrogacy over Curry

Yesterday was a jam packed day. I had meetings at work which are a joy and a curse. I love meeting with people but they do take a big piece of your working day away from you. One of them had lots of pastries and stuff so naturally held my interest a little more. Ha!

Afterwards it was photo shoot number two of the week, only this was a proper professional get up. Now here is proof that certain things are just meant to happen. I decided to not use the first turning after Kennington as I was nervous and was trying to delay the whole thing (I had no reason) I took another random road, came to the end of it and who was waving someone off? Sophie! So I popped in for a chat and a cuddle with the cute Florence (aka Asparagus who is so, so, so, so, so cute) and then I had my shoot.

I had a real laugh! I was shitting myself before hand but as soon as I got in Donal and Tim made me feel so welcome, and everyone was just there for a laugh – yes we had something to achieve but we had so much fun doing it. I had to hold bows, hug random men, and then the worst bit ‘do happy’… I just don’t do smiley! But I had a go and apparently was very good at looking ‘pensive’ – ha cheeky buggers!

It decided to absolutely piss it down as I was leaving and I entered the tube looking like a drowned rat which wasn’t the look I had wanted after ‘modelling’ and going to meet my friends. Polly, Matt E, Kay and Michelle (and her brother Chris) were in the Capthorne Arms waiting for me, Pol and Michelle were wrecked after two hours of drinking. We had some drinks, some hiccups and some severe laughter before heading for a curry. I can honestly say I am really happy we are all going away together I think it will be lovely! We’re each going to read a different Bronte book and all keep separate diaries that we share afterwards.

Suddenly over my Chicken Tikka Masalla Michelle announced ‘Simon I have a reoccurring dream that I have a baby for you – I would you know’ and then went back to eating her Chicken Saag! I didn’t know what to say apart from ‘can you shut that door’ to the waiters, rain was hitting my leg.

I think that drunken, but genuine, offer is one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever said to me. I don’t really ever see myself going down the surrogacy – I am a firm believer in adoption - route but if I did Michelle would probably be one of the first people I would talk about it to, so that’s so sweet. I felt quite, quite touched.

Today has been a bit non existent – I am searching for paints! Went searching, then did the domestic shop, then been finishing ‘Star People’ (which is very good and I will review on at some point) next reads are these ones, After reading came ‘Dancing on Ice’ and Primeval ITV has suddenly gotten so good, just as my social life hasn’t what a perfect combination.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's All A Bit Exciting!

Exciting item 1 - Yes I have had some very exciting news. I can’t say too much right now (as haven’t signed anything) but I can say “I have been approached by a publisher”. It is a great turn of events (and about bloody time – I am not self loving I swear) and has brightened up my week. All I’ll say is its not really going to have a massive effect straight away as I have to edit and complete the manuscript and I also have no intentions of leaving my job or stopping my freelance – so that’s that put to bed… for now.

Exciting Item 2 – My photo shoot went really well and the results (which I can’t share yet) were really good but I am still nervous about the next ones tomorrow, I want to be the model… model!

Exciting Item 3 – The first book from Waterstones has come for the reviewing I am doing for the site. It’s called ‘The Art of Undressing’ by Stephanie Lehmann; however it will have to wait as I am engrossed in ‘Star People’ by Paul Burston. Speaking of whom has made me spend some severe dosh after reminding me (via his blog) how much he loves Tracey Thorn of ‘Everything but the Girl’ fame – Amplified Heart is currently the album of my writing. ‘I Don’t Understand Anything’ I had forgotten how much I loved, and the whole ‘Walking Wounded’ album has taken me back to being 15 and going out on the razz underage! Those were the days! Her solo stuff is great too, bought the new single ‘It’s All True’, amazing! Anyways…

Exciting Item 4 – I actually had a decent conversation with Mr O! After 3 months we seem to be able to speak and that’s nice as I do love him to bits and wanted to sort that malarkey out!

Exciting item… Oh that’s it! But frankly that’s more than enough excitement for this 24 year old man! I need to go and weep at EBTG’s version of ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’.