Wednesday, September 12, 2007

“Grip It Harder Joyce, It’s Not a Strippers Cock”

September 10th 2007

I have found a new joy in my life. It’s called Suburban Shootout and has completely thrown my read a book a day scheme, as Mr B went and got me the whole of series one on DVD.

It all started last week when I was bored on Thursday night and decided to give the first of the second series of Suburban Shootout a go, I haven’t laughed so much in ages. The idea (and one I so wish I had thought of) is based around Tupperware and Guns. No, really. It is all based in a fiction idyllic town called Little Stempington, there is no crime, no graffiti and no council houses. The reason? There are two mafia gangs who happen to be seven of the local housewives who rule the town with fear, one is good only doing it for the good of the area, the other is bad, they supply drugs, gigolo’s etc to other housewives for ridiculous prices, don’t buy and you die. It’s very, very, very funny. The sort of humour people who loved Green Wing will like. The title of my blog is my favourite line in episode one.

I am genuinely in awe of the writers; it’s a very original idea turning the heads on stereotypes. Its not like Desperate Housewives in any way sadly they are naturally comparing it to that though.

Other than that and listening to KT Tunstall’s new effort I have not a lot to add. I haven’t managed to finish Queen Camilla yet, it’s really making me laugh. Not too sure where it is going with all the talking dogs and I cant decide if I like that side of it or not, one bit with the dogs did make me laugh for about 10 minutes (ouch on my remaining stitches) so the jury is still out! No news on Bong he seems to be up and down really.

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