Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Light Relief

August 31st 2007

I didn’t have anything to say yesterday. I spent the whole day trying to finish The Secret History. The good news is I did and I really enjoyed it, I might start doing again and reviewing books and the like, frankly I have been reading this one for so long that I think I need a little space from it. I started the next book group choice today, another long one (oo-er missus) ‘The House At Riverton, have only read the first two chapters but it seems quite good even if a little too Atonement, and that was the last book group choice by moi!

Had some visitors today, hoorah, Muffintop and G came round with gifts from everyone at work which was so nice of them all. I had a bouquet of gorgeous pink (how appropriate) flowers and a lovely pink pot plant. Danny Shite and his wife had bought me a beautiful pink orchid. It’s absolutely gorgeous. There were also lots and lots of chocolate from Thornton’s. I am now thinking that this should be a prerequisite for all visitors who are coming around any time in the future. So if you are planning to then these are the conditions. I am actually missing work a bit, I am trying to appreciate all the time I am having to recuperate though. I haven’t started to feel bored… yet.

I am feeling pain. It’s high. Going to the toilet is excruciating and that’s really not an exaggeration. I am also on the grumpiest of mood swings I think even I have ever endured! I cant help it I just keep snapping, bed rest is also my least favourite thing, I want to be off wandering around the shops. As G reminded me today, how embarrassing would it be if my stitches ripped open in public?

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