Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Michelle & Simon’s Children’s Guide to Feminism & World War II

September 5th 2007

Not really the catchiest title to a book I think you will agree it could however be the title for Mitch and my joint venture for our children’s book the project called ‘COPL’. The reason (I don’t want to give too much away about the book yet) is because of some background we have been doing for the project.

Back in July Mitch and I set ourselves the latest goals for the book. These were to write a few scenes, do character biog's and work out what a certain character was… by that I mean what creature a certain character is. It may sound weird that we are going off and doing this separately but we have come up with some great stuff that the other will just give that extra something! A match made in heaven really, one of the newest characters I will divulge, is Siamese Twins… that’s all I am saying for now.

So how does feminism and WWII get into a kids book, well it’s another new character biog that created a whole new twist. We now have a possible a story before the story, though as yet thankfully not fleshy enough to be a prequel, you never know. The character having lived through WWII became actually being an even older person (old people fascinate me – I mean that in such a positive way) who has survived WWI also and is actually a lot older and full of many more secrets than would appear. Mitch then went into an epic chat that they could therefore been through the woman’s suffering etc and I said ‘hang on, this isn’t the children’s guide to feminism, or war’ we laughed for ages. Our next update is on the 18th so I’ll aim for you to have another bit of COPL update then.

I was meant to be back at work today, I’m obviously not. I am actually really missing it but also cacking myself about going back.

Had a wonderfully long chat with Big Sis sometimes you know exactly why you need siblings and what’s so good about them. She is going through a cancer scare at the moment also (cancer, cancer everywhere) and we chatted for a good few hours (she had a wee break… on the phone) she has finally started a blog (hoorah) you can see it at check it out she’s fabulous, but I would say that! Her blog is going to be about what she is going through (she’ll probably be better than me) and other stuff. Blog’s are great; we discussed that fact for twenty minutes, the diaries of the future.

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