Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Writing Is On Course

September 4th 2007

The creative writing course I am on started today. I may have mentioned it to you all before, I am now on the author Susan Hill’s course. It started officially today. Before I get any comments of ‘you’re ill you shouldn’t be doing any courses, you’re not at work so you shouldn’t be going to a lecture’, currently I don’t have to leave my flat to do my work. We receive a notification of all work in our inbox’s and then have a deadline to email our work back. I have the feeling that my first project might be a little late, I can send a sick note maybe? I am ill after all.

First mission is to go through books we haven’t read (a lot of books) and read no more than the first paragraph and find six books we are desperate to read and three we are desperate not to, we need to write who its by what it is and why we want to read/don’t want to read it.

Oh and no, I don’t have to even go to the library, as those of you who have been to mine will know I have about 200+ books I haven’t read yet. On that note I shall say farewell as I have some research to do.

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