Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's All A Bit Exciting!

Exciting item 1 - Yes I have had some very exciting news. I can’t say too much right now (as haven’t signed anything) but I can say “I have been approached by a publisher”. It is a great turn of events (and about bloody time – I am not self loving I swear) and has brightened up my week. All I’ll say is its not really going to have a massive effect straight away as I have to edit and complete the manuscript and I also have no intentions of leaving my job or stopping my freelance – so that’s that put to bed… for now.

Exciting Item 2 – My photo shoot went really well and the results (which I can’t share yet) were really good but I am still nervous about the next ones tomorrow, I want to be the model… model!

Exciting Item 3 – The first book from Waterstones has come for the reviewing I am doing for the site. It’s called ‘The Art of Undressing’ by Stephanie Lehmann; however it will have to wait as I am engrossed in ‘Star People’ by Paul Burston. Speaking of whom has made me spend some severe dosh after reminding me (via his blog) how much he loves Tracey Thorn of ‘Everything but the Girl’ fame – Amplified Heart is currently the album of my writing. ‘I Don’t Understand Anything’ I had forgotten how much I loved, and the whole ‘Walking Wounded’ album has taken me back to being 15 and going out on the razz underage! Those were the days! Her solo stuff is great too, bought the new single ‘It’s All True’, amazing! Anyways…

Exciting Item 4 – I actually had a decent conversation with Mr O! After 3 months we seem to be able to speak and that’s nice as I do love him to bits and wanted to sort that malarkey out!

Exciting item… Oh that’s it! But frankly that’s more than enough excitement for this 24 year old man! I need to go and weep at EBTG’s version of ‘I Don’t Want To Talk About It’.

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