Monday, March 05, 2007

It's All An Illusion

I have never ever walked out of a restaurant, especially not after having eaten the first course and had a drink, until today. In an attempt to ‘make Sunday count’ (even though I didn’t get up till 2pm) Mr B and I went to Clapham. We decided we would take in a movie – more of that later – and go and get a nice meal.

Strada is normally really good for food and service but this was shocking. After 15 minutes we were finally asked if we would like a drink. When they arrived ten minutes later we were asked to order. The starters arrived another 20 minutes later and after waiting another 30 minutes; no main course, and a film starting in ten minutes we got up. The manager was apologetic and we got the starter and drinks for free and told to come back later and we would get a free meal – as if! I was furious… no one comes between me and my dinner.

We saw ‘The Illusionist’ it was quite good. I wouldn’t rave about it but I enjoyed most of it, only the start was really, really slow. It picked up and was a mix of romance and mystery… I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was a thriller.

We went for a few drinks in Clapham at Kazbar and The Brewers. The Brewers was some football bash and was packed to the eyeballs so we didn’t stay long. A second Italian was eaten (and one I can actually recommend) ‘Eco’ was nice with some gorgeous seafood (for Mr B) and I had some giant fuck off pizza thingy that had been folded over! Yum, yum, yum!

Then was home time, am now sat on the bed about to indulge myself in some Lemsip and then let Mr B read me some of his book! Night!

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