Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From Bad To Better

I was in a bit of a mood yesterday but am feeling much better today you will all be glad to hear. Work was good today, really positive and my creative juices have started flowing!

Today has also been a day of goodies… I received lots of promo’s. I received…
Walk This Way – Sugababes vs. Girls Aloud
With Love – Hilary Duff
Out Of The Woods – Tracey Thorn (Raise The Roof is amazing!)
Tell Me’ Bout It – Joss Stone
The Angry Mob – Kaiser Chiefs
I Want Candy – Melanie C
Most Haunted Series 7

So it’s been a bit poptastic and spooky here in my flat tonight and has got my arse in gear with www.popsalvage.co.uk which is always good. I had let it go to shit for a few months if I am honest! Bad Simon, naughty Simon. I always forget there are some pro’s to having contacts who can get me shed loads of freebies! I’m so cheap. But hey, its cheered me the f**k up!

Also I am off to the press night of ‘Treats’ on Thursday starring Billie Piper so am naturally very excited. Ooh, and am off to see ‘Equus’ on the 5th of April (am taking Danielle) so that’s all good too.

Yes Simon is back on form… if not really that full of exciting news! Sorry!

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