Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Big Suprise...

Have had a few surprises this weekend actually. The main one being the one I am leaving till last. The second was the fact I enjoyed a weekend at my mothers, the third being that me and my step-dad are just getting on better and better. Hang on lets go back to the beginning. The fourth is that you can get on with your exe’s.

It’s been so long since have written will start with the ex. Met up with my ex-ex on Thursday night. I was a bit apprehensive and all that but it turned out to be a really lovely night. We caught up over a nice long pub crawl (Rupert Street, The Yard, GAY Bar, Ku Bar – the new one is horrid) in Soho and got royally wasted, just what I love to do. Mr Married (part of the reason we split – he didn’t tell me for two years) and I painted the town red, he needed it after splitting up with his man after me. So was all good.

A very hungover Simon then went home to Mummies on Friday, it’s a bloody trek. But was totally worth it when they turned up and the kids were very excited to see their big brother. Sadly my 6 year old brother is a complete wind bucket and I retched the way to their village in the middle of nowhere. Worse shock of all was the fact that I had NO SIGNAL! I mean how a young man is supposed to cope with that for a weekend is beyond me.

Saturday was nice, went for a pub lunch, then a stroll round Clun Castle. I love castles and this was a particularly good ruin; reminded me of Kendal. I had some more ideas for Miriam’s book which is always good as I have been having something of a pause and block on the writing scale. Went and did some paddling – bloody freezing – but big brothers have to appear to be big fun. Mum made awesome fajita’s which were delicious. Then ended up drinking with my step-dad till gone 2am. He’s said Mum has been worried about me and that’s why she has been a bit off with me. It makes no sense to me but hey ho, she’s meeting Mr B next weekend so am hoping her iciness towards him will end. She’s not even met the poor bugger!

That brings me to my third surprise. After being woken at 6am by my delightful brother and sister (my hangover was so bad) I helped make breakfast for mothers day (my 8 year old sister cant do toast) went for a lovely curry at lunch and then came home. The flat was covered in candles and roses. It was so sweet, so romantic and just so nice I almost cried… almost. There was champagne on ice and a bath with rose petals! Then came the biggest surprise of all… but you’ll have to ask me if you want to know what that is!

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