Monday, March 12, 2007

High Five's All Round

For some random reason today Danielle and I have started high fiving each other even on the tube at the end of the day much to our amusements and no one else’s. It all started from me passing her at lunch and her putting her hand up as she thought I was going to high five her. Now I haven’t high fived someone since the 80’s or early 90’s. It’s great though it really makes me laugh, it should be some kind of therapy – or not.

I’ll tell you something though, if I could get this temporary writers block sorted I would be high fiving everyone on the bloody underground. I had some wonderful advice of Alison though. She’s also a writer and a close personal myspace friend who also writes. Her advice was to sit on the project for a while and let the others all flow into place. This is a new think Giorgia has also been teaching me. Mind maps! Instead of sitting frustrating myself with the fact that nothing is coming I should just plan whatever is going on in my mind and leave it until something else comes up.

I am going to try my hardest to do this. Sadly I know that I have whims. If something comes into my head I simply cannot let it go. As Giorgia also says ‘you’re the person who can change it, no one else can change you Simon’ and she is right – damn her ha, ha, ha! So that’s my new attitude; go with the flow. What comes to me I will follow but I am not obsessing about it. Yes, a new period in Simon’s personal history is starting and I am hoping I am going to like it – and get some more work done through it! High five to me!

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