Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Tomorrow is going to be manic. You know when you’re in a situation and you’ve got too much to fit into a day? That’ll be me. I’ve got to get my hair done, get out of London, come back later on and go home and then out again for Helen’s birthday. It’ll be like challenge Anneka!

Mission of the day is the fact I am going blonde/blonder but it should be quite a noticeable difference (I hope not to end up coming out looking like a skunk, and no before you say it, I do not smell like one… always) its for a friend at Charles Worthington who needs boy models and naturally I accepted! They do amazing head massages, the works. So I am trusting Nicky 100% not to make me look more of a moose. Hopefully though I will find out if blondes do indeed have more fun!

Today has been mediocre. I had my regular bout of office paranoia which is always good. It’s become a regular and I sooooooo need to get over it! Made more money for Comic Relief though which is great, another book sale was successfully done!

My new laptop decided to piss up last night which was nice of it! It’s decided to delete its own drives. Thankfully ‘Dan The It Man’ saved the day and I finally sold my old shit-top so that’s money I can payback to my debtors! Can you imagine me, a pop addict, not having the ability to play or rip music – oh its unthinkable.

Giorgia was back from Italy (I had missed her lots – she’s a legend) and she had bought me some ‘Limoncello’, which is now in the freezer, so I shall be getting royally pissed tonight after my bath. There was also the perfect compliment gift of chocolates, she knows me so well!

Right I must dash! I have dinner to cook, a bath to jump in and a lovely new book to read! Bye!

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