Friday, March 30, 2007

The Depths of Despair

Monday 26th of March

Won’t write too much tonight. I’m absolutely sozzled! I went round to Rachel’s after a bit of a mediocre day and had a fabulous time. Her house is gorgeous; I am quite green with envy. I love my little flat but I would kill for a spacious house with a garden. Bloody Rachel ha, ha, ha!

We had two bottles of wine and Rachel’s phenomenal version of Shepard’s Pie. She whisked an egg and puts it on top (awesome) and it had baked beans in it which was as we both liked to say ‘orgasmic’.

Part of the purpose of going round was to watch ‘Anne of Green Gables’ it’s fabulous. So camp and so sweet, Anne is a genius character. She’s so dramatic either ‘something terrible has just happened’ or she is in the ‘depths of despair’. I honestly have to buy the DVD. I was laughing, and at one point really close to tears. Oh it was a roller coaster of emotions… and Gilbert Blythe, oh Gilbert Blythe.

One final thing ‘CARROTS’ only a true Anne fan would get what I mean!

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