Friday, March 30, 2007

The Day After The Day Before

Sunday 25th of March

What a birthday! I can honestly say I think it is the best birthday that I have ever had… ever! I also think this is the biggest hangover I have ever had ever.

The day started a bit too early for my liking. Mr. B’s mobile woke us at 7.30am, I was severely unimpressed. Having gone in to the toilet in a vile mood I came out to be greeted by a hamper! It had roses, chocolates, cheese, ham, croissants and jam – the works. The cappuccinos were amazing! I then went back to sleep.

After awaking I had my cards and presents before shopping for a new outfit. Birthday tantrum nearly followed when I couldn’t find any sodding jeans I liked or that fit, but the final shop of the morning saved the day! Next was off to meet Mummy outside the British Museum. A grope hello and introduction to Mr. B – yes he has met the mother in law – and five streets later she remembered to say ‘Happy Birthday’, dozy mare.

We had a quick coffee and then joined my friends. Michelle was there early as she is a big loser, and we went in. Rachel came in looking fabulous – she was so nervous about her outfit, Polly followed shortly in a shock of all shocks, she was on time. Andy, Ricardo and Quentin were all fabulously late, and Kay and Matt showed up at the same time – how suspicious. Balan’s did what it always did and served us amazing cocktails and food. Mum had to dash – she was gutted and so were we!

‘The Yard’ saw us attract even more people, some we knew (Naoma, Julie, Richard, Joe, Chloe, Stephanie, and Malcolm) and some we didn’t! The attitude I have is the more the merrier. We then got all glammed up and fabulous in Trash Palace losing some people along the way and gaining the fabulous Miss Helen of Curtains. Ending up drunk off our faces in McDonald’s it was great. I have to say Michelle was on form in McDonalds making me nearly wet myself twice.

The night was slightly ruined when we trolled into the house at 5am (Danielle, Michelle, Helen, Mr. B and I) and Hoyden had spewed everywhere – little bugger, I had spoken to her and everything! It was a brilliant night overall though, with too many brilliant memories and highlights to mention. However some included;
- Andy & Ricardo snogging
- Danielle announcing she’d had ‘a rot to rink’
- Quentin doing the longest burps I have ever heard
- Michelle and me laughing at fuck all for ten minutes
- Helen getting glitter envy
- Polly getting so plastered that she couldn’t do anything
- Ricardo snogging more men
- Alex being a bit of a penis
- Rachel vanishing with Matt & Kay saying it was 7pm and they must dash, it was 9.30pm!

All in all great, really, really bloody great!

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