Friday, March 30, 2007

Flirting For Fun

Wednesday 28th March

I have been accused of flirting today and being a bad boy because of it. Now I found this quite odd. I am in a happy relationship that means the world to me. Strangely for a second I felt bad. Then I thought ‘oh get over it’ I flirt with everyone.

I do, it’s true, and I flirt like a good’en. I flirt with the girls at work, I flirt with my boss on occasion (I am not saying they flirt back, they don’t) but for me it is a laugh, a social thing, its fun – sod it. If you flirt you don’t necessarily want to follow anything through. I mean I am a big old poof so me flirting with girls its never going to go anywhere, suddenly when I am flirting with another man I have to stop and be more mature. Oh please!

I will flirt with whom I wish when I wish. Ok so I am being flirted back with, but that doesn’t mean that we are suddenly going to be dashing off into the stationery cupboard and have our way with each other. There isn’t a door for a start. Ha, ha, I am joking. I think flirting is fun, wouldn’t life just be a little more boring without it?

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