Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surrogacy over Curry

Yesterday was a jam packed day. I had meetings at work which are a joy and a curse. I love meeting with people but they do take a big piece of your working day away from you. One of them had lots of pastries and stuff so naturally held my interest a little more. Ha!

Afterwards it was photo shoot number two of the week, only this was a proper professional get up. Now here is proof that certain things are just meant to happen. I decided to not use the first turning after Kennington as I was nervous and was trying to delay the whole thing (I had no reason) I took another random road, came to the end of it and who was waving someone off? Sophie! So I popped in for a chat and a cuddle with the cute Florence (aka Asparagus who is so, so, so, so, so cute) and then I had my shoot.

I had a real laugh! I was shitting myself before hand but as soon as I got in Donal and Tim made me feel so welcome, and everyone was just there for a laugh – yes we had something to achieve but we had so much fun doing it. I had to hold bows, hug random men, and then the worst bit ‘do happy’… I just don’t do smiley! But I had a go and apparently was very good at looking ‘pensive’ – ha cheeky buggers!

It decided to absolutely piss it down as I was leaving and I entered the tube looking like a drowned rat which wasn’t the look I had wanted after ‘modelling’ and going to meet my friends. Polly, Matt E, Kay and Michelle (and her brother Chris) were in the Capthorne Arms waiting for me, Pol and Michelle were wrecked after two hours of drinking. We had some drinks, some hiccups and some severe laughter before heading for a curry. I can honestly say I am really happy we are all going away together I think it will be lovely! We’re each going to read a different Bronte book and all keep separate diaries that we share afterwards.

Suddenly over my Chicken Tikka Masalla Michelle announced ‘Simon I have a reoccurring dream that I have a baby for you – I would you know’ and then went back to eating her Chicken Saag! I didn’t know what to say apart from ‘can you shut that door’ to the waiters, rain was hitting my leg.

I think that drunken, but genuine, offer is one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever said to me. I don’t really ever see myself going down the surrogacy – I am a firm believer in adoption - route but if I did Michelle would probably be one of the first people I would talk about it to, so that’s so sweet. I felt quite, quite touched.

Today has been a bit non existent – I am searching for paints! Went searching, then did the domestic shop, then been finishing ‘Star People’ (which is very good and I will review on at some point) next reads are these ones, After reading came ‘Dancing on Ice’ and Primeval ITV has suddenly gotten so good, just as my social life hasn’t what a perfect combination.

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Polly said...

Oh damnit i forgot that i agreed to reading a Bronte book! Can't wait for our little 'trip'. In fact might start reading your missives, they turn out to be rather entertaining! xxx