Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When Book Tribes Go To War

Someone I have never heard of sent me a link to a site which I think is going to be quite brilliant! Its and its all about my favourite things in the world… books. Basically it’s a forum/community site where you can read and write reviews, plug your own work and find out what other readers and authors are doing. What a brilliant place, its like heaven for me!

I have to say its been another book day with me listing all the Comic Relief books, finally getting a copy of New Books Magazine in the post and putting myself forward to doing more reviewing of books. Mr B has gotten me an early birthday present today by paying for a subscription to New Books Magazine which I am thrilled with. I have also been doing some shopping on Amazon – though no books just some Europop! Hahahahaha!

Sadly however my current read ‘The Tenderness Of Wolves’ is not the masterpiece I had hoped for and has taken me a pathetic 2 weeks to get a third of the way through. I wanted it to be amazing!

Now I have the task of really cutting my book pile down and listing some of them on eBay and some on oh I am all booked out! I’ve even gotten Polly reviewing! She has a week for her book poor bugger, and then its book group next week. I need to book myself a book break.

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