Friday, March 09, 2007

Not the Treat I Needed!

I’ve not written for ages. Sadly my step-granddad died on Tuesday and have been in a funny frame of mind since, but you learn when there is a death that life has to go on.

Since then I haven’t done any writing, but did get engrossed in Most Haunted 7, and of course the book I’ve been reading for I don’t know if any of you remember the band Sleeper from the 90’s? I used to love them, I still have ‘The It Girl’ album so have dug that up since. Anyway, the book I’ve been reviewing is by the ex-lead singer Louise Wener – her third book in fact called ‘The Half Life of Stars’ its very good. The review is done and sent off, so now I have to read the next one ‘The Art of Undressing’ not sure if I will love or loathe but time will tell. I also have to fit in the book group’s next choice ‘An Artist of the Floating World’ by Kazuo Ishiguro. After that I might actually be able to read one of the books I have bought in my recent shops that I am gagging to read; the only question is which one.

Kevin and I went and saw treats last night. It was the press launch. I was hoping it would be amazing and cheer me up no end. Billie Piper was good… the play isn’t. Her character has no real depth, she has to frown a lot and cry a lot, but in the first half she only has about 30 lines. Second half see’s more of her coming into action, my biggest problem was the fact that I didn’t like a single character, I hate it when they do this (bar the movie and play ‘Closer’ because in that case they are horrid but you want to watch them) and the whole two men in love with the same woman is a bit of a stale story. She was good though and from the small amount I saw the girl can act.

Well need to start reading some more so I must dash! I’ll catch up with everyone soon!

Oh before I forget – I am doing the Crusaid Walk for Life on Sunday the 10th of June so sponsor me here

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