Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Modelling & Drugs

I have finished the evil that was the penicillin thank god. I might actually have some sort of normal stomach within the next 24 hours! I have to say I do not understand why penicillin is so bloody evil on your stomach.

Big news of the day is of course my first modelling job ever… and amazingly it won’t be my last. I have another on Friday so that should be a laugh. I have to admit I got a bit vexed and nervous in the hour leading up to my shoot (the hour in which I had a bath, tidied the flat manically and begged and pleaded with Hoyden to behave for a few hours, like a loon) but I shouldn’t have been.

Rob turned up bang on time, was really lovely we had a fag and a tea and then on it went. I think he thought it went well, I did say if I have a double chin on any of the photo’s he might be in big trouble. He was quite smitten with Hoyden and she lounged around herself for a few shots, upstaged by my own bloody cat! Oh and Rob (the sweetie) said he would talk to some contacts with me – bring on the extra freelance – hoorah!

Now I am in bed after watching ‘Confessions of a Diary Secretary’ Maxine Peake was of course marvellous. I actually quite enjoyed this political parody – normally I shy away thinking they are tosh but this was actually really, really good. I do have a bit of a headache though and think I must away to bed, after a few more drugs, of the paracetamol variety!

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