Monday, March 12, 2007

Picnics, Princesses, Poof’s, Pasta and Prejudice

Sunday 11th March

Picnics – The delightful Mr B bought us a picnic today which was lovely. By just after 1o’clock we were sat by a pond near Clapham South and being surrounded by chav’s, how idyllic. The funniest thing happened as we were tucking into our baguettes and Boursin, this huge great dog ran straight between us making Mr B scream like a complete girl! Much to my amusement, after all when I had fallen up the stairs at Clapham Common and he had pissed himself it was simply karma.

Princesses – from the picnic we tried to get into a church. When did all churches suddenly lock their doors when there are no services? I remember the days you could just wander in whenever. So we had a quick £5 (ridiculous) glass of wine each at the cinema bar before seeing ‘The Queen’ (last chance Sundays at Clapham Picturehouse are great!) It was really good, not sure I would say Oscar worthy, I preferred Judy in ‘Notes’, but definitely a brilliant performance. What made the most impact was reliving the week Diana died. I may shock some of you to say this but I wasn’t the biggest Diana fan – I liked her, just didn’t love her – I had forgotten how it affected the country, very moving, made me proud to be British… in a random sense.

Poof’s – naturally as we were in Clapham we went to some poof bars – which was nice.

Pasta – as we had a ‘free meal’ voucher after the atrocious meal at Strada last week we went back to use it and give them another go. Overall a much, much better service and a much, much better meal, and the waitress was lovely, Mr B showed off by speaking in Italian... she was Mexican, how I laughed. Only qualm would be they served our Lemon Jello or, whatever it’s called, warm… its not very nice warm. Headed to SO:UK, is it me or have the prices leapt up in there? The claim they are a doubles bar – I wouldn’t go that far frankly!

Prejudice – last stop in our ‘day out’ was the cinema, again. This time it was for ‘Becoming Jane’. I love Jane Austen, I think she is a genius and in many ways I loved the film it had Julie Walters and Maggie Smith in it after all! Maggie Smith steals the show, Anne Hathaway let me down. I so wanted to like her, I wanted her to prove the judges wrong that she wasn’t worth the casting, but she didn’t. I just kept thinking ‘ooh you’re Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada being English in an old fashioned dress’ not ‘wow, that’s such a good piece of acting’. So I didn’t feel I believed the whole thing, naturally I’ll be buying it on DVD though – so fickle!

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