Thursday, March 29, 2007


Thursday 22nd of March

Went out with work for the newly formed ‘Movie Club’ (not as fabulous as ‘Book Group’ but I would say that I am a founding member) to see the new epic ‘300’. The night was really good.

We went for food at Pizza Express after work (walking bloody ages from Gray’s Inn Road to the street of our old offices, the gorgeous Charlotte Street) and had some awesome food, I love Pizza Express dough balls – I could eat them all day. Danielle and I shared an amazing ‘Chocolate Glory’ which was absolutely gorgeous and would be absolutely fattening if we had managed to eat it all but my ‘Fiorentina’ was frankly a little to damn good and a little too damn filling.

As for the movie… its amazing! I now want to marry Gerard Butler even more than I did after ‘Phantom of the Opera’. There is a Sin City-ness about it which is only natural as its by the same people but that is what I loved about it. It is absolutely stunning to watch. The acting is quite good (the lead woman I couldn’t decide upon) and the men are stunning – stunning I tell you! Two funny bits; a sex scene that was pretty ridiculous and had a bit of ‘bottom love’ that made the whole audience laugh, and a goat playing a flute – can someone please explain that to me?

You MUST see this film, yes its really, really gory and there is fight scene and decapitation after fight scene and decapitation… buts its bloody brilliant. Yes literally ‘bloody brilliant’.

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