Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My MySpace Moan

Monday 19th of March

I’ve been with MySpace since July last year, I love it… but!

I am sick of it crashing
I hate the fact that if someone is deleted they don’t delete them from your friends list.
I can never find the friends I really want to talk to.
People can be false/rude!
Erm… think that’s my vent done with. Oh no once someone asks to be your friend you accept and then can’t find the bugger to say thank you, leaving them thinking you are one of the rude buggers above.
What the funk is a Kudos… can someone please tell me – I genuinely want to know!

But I do love it for all the fabulous people who have made an effort on here and all the fabulous people who I chat away to but might never meet! There are pro’s and cons. Am I being miserable?

One thing I am being is hard faced – I am going to start clearing out my ‘friends’ I say yes to everyone, but really I should be a little lethal and clear out the deleted ones and ones that I just said yes to in order to be popular! Moan over!

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