Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sunday Bloody Ikea Sunday

Sunday 1st of April

One of the missions I have been given at work is to ‘revamp’ the office, it’s a great task working out the money you can spend and the fabulous things that you can spend it one etc. That is until you end up in Ikea or Homebase on a Sunday.

Ok it wasn’t horrific and I was with Gi, PP and Mr B so we had a really good laugh starting with a toast of coffee in Starbucks and a good old catch up. The shopping wasn’t too horrific considering it was the weekend, the only factor of irritation was me, and I couldn’t stop eyeing up things for the flat! Fortunately as my second mother (in honour) Gi kept stopping me from buying a) too much and b) endless shit that I didn’t want!

Coincidence madness though… I was walking through ‘lighting’ when I heard “Simon?” It was only Mitch and her mate Emma, now Mitch lives in Hitchin and I live in Tooting so the fact that we both ended up meeting in Wembley Ikea when we hadn’t mentioned we were going ‘house’ shopping was a bit bizarre. It makes me wonder if there is a bigger plan or if some stuff is just meant to happen.

Anyway one trip to Ikea and a trip to Homebase later we opened and unpacked and felt quite disheartened. Everything looks huge in Ikea, when you’re in a massive open plan office things seem a lot smaller and a lot more pathetic and measly. After an 8 hour day though we all needed to get out of there, so we toddled our separate ways (with Ikea bags in tow).

I decided with Mr. B that we would go for some dinner by the river. By this time my ‘area’ was aching dully and I just needed to sit down, however we had a lovely walk to St Paul’s and then over the river where the sun was simply stunning! It was bright but hazy and just looked astounding above the river and London skyline. Sometimes you need things like that to appreciate the fact that you live in this city and so many people don’t have that chance. It almost makes you believe the Underground is bearable, maybe not quite.

Had our dinner at Gourmet Pizza in Gabriel’s Wharf, it was so nice to sit down outside and just watch the skyline darken and have the people passing by (including a very butch lesbian in tears that made me laugh – I am awful) plus it gave me and Mr. B some quality time on his only day of in the week. I cannot wait for us both to have four days off at Easter. I must buy him an egg!

Soon as I got home I was in bed asleep with the dull ache, no Mr. B he was watching some old Italian classic with Portuguese subtitles, not quite my scene.

P.s Completely forgot to to do any April Fools :(

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