Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Send Off

I am not going to write masses this evening as I have just exhausted myself in finally editing and re-editing and re-editing the first thousand words of my new ‘project/novel’ for the ‘A Novel In A Year Competition’ that the Telegraph are running ( sadly if you wanted to enter the closing date is tomorrow, so if you have something ready then whisk it of NOW! If not tough!

I’d actually forgotten that the deadline was tomorrow and at 200 words went into some kind of blind panic, especially when I read you had to write a synopsis that was a page long – mine isn’t but I have heard it now doesn’t need to be thank goodness! So that was that the big send off has been and gone – fingers crossed now! I wonder how many people have entered the competition.

On another topic the Spa in The Lakes is booked. I am now far too excited about this weekend for it to be believed, I simply cannot wait to get away from London for a few days. Does anyone else get like that? You just have enough of the commuting and the never ending bustle of the streets. I am also going to see some family so that will be nice – and it is Mr Brustolon’s first trip away in the UK (after 2 years here) so he is pretty thrilled too. My main aim is to get as much time in the bloody swimming pool and spa as possible, then do some walking in Windermere, devour as much Kendal Mint Cake as possible and see ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’. Should be good!

Sadly I have a meeting with the big cheese tomorrow at 6.30pm and I know it will go on for hours and hours and my long weekend won’t start till 10pm but hey ho! Right of to start series two of 24!

Oh ‘Notes on a Scandal’ the book is superb – I recommend to everyone!

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