Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Highly Kylie!

After an amazing show, here is the review I have just done for enjoy...

Well it was the event that we’d all been waiting for Kylie’s return to stage with the ‘Showgirl Homecoming Tour’. After less than a year of Kylie completing her chemotherapy and having not been ‘in pop action’ for well over a year, we couldn’t wait. Naturally there were the worries of, would she be as good, would she handle two hours on stage and would she be overdoing it?

The lights dimmed the Overture started and within 30 seconds a stunning looking Kylie stood with no music just taking in the roar of the crowd… and we mean roar. She took it all in waved enigmatically and hit us with ‘Better The Devil You Know’ sticking with feathers but changing from the blue of old for a camper more sparkling pink. The highlight of the first section was without a doubt ‘White Diamond’ which reminded us of something, but we don’t know what. Slightly Kate Bush over a huge dance floor epic – yes that sums it up.

Chat was had with the audience before ‘On A Night Like This’ a costume change and a medley of ‘Shocked’, ‘What Do I Have To Do’ and ‘Spinning Around’ we call it a medley but it wasn’t snippets, it was just the right sections of each song. ‘Confide in Me’ had an Eastern overhaul for the next section, it also proved that she can still belt out the notes she always could. ‘Cowboy Style/Finer Feelings’ and ‘Too Far’ showed the real fans in the crowd as half the audience neither new the words or had any clues what the songs were from the looks on some of there faces.

Favourite outfit was without question in the next section ‘Athletica’ opening with a shower scene of men and a gym them throughout ‘Red Blooded Woman’, and a much more electro and dirty ‘Slow’ before we waited with baited breath as to who would duet with her on ‘Kids’ – no one did, well bar the backing dancers or the audience but it was still amazing! Then we had the 20 minute break to sit and digest. ‘Wasn’t she looking amazing?’ ‘Yes, she didn’t dance as much and was sweating and drinking a lot, but boy she was fabulous.’ Etc, etc.

‘Over The Rainbow’ opened the second half, seeing her dressed in a stunning red ball gown, it was swiftly followed by a ballad version of ‘Come Into My World’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘I Believe In You’ and another song no one seemed to know ‘Dreams’. More chatting ensued between the last two and she was gone, only to come back for ‘The Dance of the Cyberman’ section opening with amazing Doctor Who-esque lights and sounds that then became ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. What came next was for us the most stunning part both vocally and visually. ‘Light Year’s’ which broke into ‘Turn It Into Love’ and back again, the effects were amazing, the vocals were brilliant and it literally took our breath away.

The encore was opened with a newly poignant ‘Especially For You’ and ‘Love At First Sight’. In between these she plucked 3 little girls out of the audience for a rendition of ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ it was too cute for words. The night had sped past, tears where shed and suddenly she was gone and we were on the phone for tickets for the next night! She chatted, she danced, she sang and she conquered, welcome back Kylie… we have missed you!

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