Monday, January 29, 2007

Mother F***er!

Friday 25th Jan 2007

My bloody mother drives me bloody insane. I phoned her today as haven’t heard from her for weeks (I mean some people actually have a normal relationship and speak every couple of days) and I get through and she was a) pissed b) rude and c) know it all like tonight. Why cant she just sound pleased to see me and just want a bit of a chat!

No instead I had the following responses to the following questions…

S: How are you Mum, we haven’t spoken in ages?
M: I know but I am very busy… how are you?
S: Bit tired but ok
M: You’re always bloody tired.
S: Well I am working 12 hour days at the moment.
M: And?

S: So I have some news have met a nice new fella.
M: Knew that.
S: (Disappointed in her tone and attitude) Oh, how.
M: We’re not stupid Simon.

I think that final ‘we’ refers to her split personalities! A family trait it would appear and I don’t mean me… or me… or me! It’s just a bit disheartening when you want a good old catch up and you get a good old lot of drunken mum who really hasn’t the smallest interest in what you have to say!

Infuriating! Have made a decision – not phoning her anymore, she can phone me!

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