Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Racism for Ratings?

Big Brother tonight (and last night for that matter) has made me feel so uncomfortable it’s untrue. What sort of a society are we becoming where millions of us tune in to watch people being bullied? What sort of a society are we in where we have a TV show that seems to be thriving on bullying?

I have loved Big Brother (bar the one where Cameron won, which was so dull it was unbelievable) from the first series, it shows (a selective) insight into our people, our ways and our culture. Tonight Jade Goody and her little bitches (Danielle and Jo) have shown a side of human nature that’s ugly and cruel. Most surprising for me is Jade’s behaviour. Jade, who was vilified and called a pig and hurt by what happened on the show can turn around and say some of the things she did to Shilpa, its just wrong. Did she get called into the diary room and bollocked – did she bugger! Thank god she has been taken off the face of the anti-bullying campaign what sort of a role model is this? The sponsors should withdraw and frankly we should stop watching. But people won’t!

I was bullied at school (I’m not looking for violins) and it was hell. But thanks to friends from those days I have learnt that the bullies have ended up in not such great situations in adulthood and I am stronger and doing fine thanks!

There is one slight outcome that I think is positive. The public outcry on racism (some comments have been bordering if not definite racism – mainly Danielle) has been huge and just as importantly so has the outcry to bullying. I suppose there are some people in society who do know what’s wrong and right.

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