Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Life +10

Did anyone watch the disaster that was ‘This Life +10’? It was on last week but was so dull and forgetful I didn’t even bother to Blog my dissatisfaction at the whole event! The gist is that This Life was an amazing TV show that I was addicted to aged around 15. I literally lived and breathed for it (then again I also oncelived and breathed for every movement of a Spice Girl) and the reunion show was to put it mildly, a let down.

Like I said I had forgotten all about it until I had an hour long conversation with Mitch. She said she hadn’t really found the show particularily good or bad, but had found it left her feeling sad and questioning the future, oddly something I had thought and yet also forgotten. It has brought up (for quite a few people) the question… where the hell will we be in ten years time?

I mean we all have our ideals. I would love to be an author on my 5th or 6th book and enjoying a life in the country side (Derbyshire or The Lakes) with a house in London for the Literary Awards etc, etc. That’s the dream, but whats the likelihood? I am not saying I can’t/won’t manage it but nothing is certain. I mean I look back at me aged 15. I thought by 25 I would have been in a pop group for 5 years and be on my way to solo success – look what happened there! Hem hem!

Yet bizarrely it’s easy to see the potential in others. I could predict what I think my friends will be doing (I am not going to say all of them now) because it’s easier for me to place my hopes on them. I can see Mitch being someone of importance in the conservation world. Ideally saving tigers and other animals in the jungle (she wet herself at this) and can easily see Polly being the owner of her own business ‘Polly Mixture’ (a victorian like sweet shop with the works – would be fabulous) and being a mum. So how can I not put that on myself, or predict my own fate if you will? It’s all a bit bizarre.

I didn’t really find a final point to close this Blog on. I guess that’s because I’m in a thoughtful and undecided mood. Do you know what you want to be doing in ten years time?

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