Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh What A Night!

Monday 22nd Jan 2007

Had an absolutely brilliant night out tonight and am probably quite drunk as I type this but so what?

Had a few ‘welcome to new gay in the office’ drinks tonight and a lovely group of us were out on the tiles in full force. Kevin (my assistant), Richard (hmmm), Polly (friend of 22 years and counting), Danielle (her assistant), the delightful Shloe aka Chloe and of course the new boy in question Richard the 2nd. Do you know what I haven’t laughed as much or as loud in ages?

I think what I love about my friends is that they are all a bit crazy. Polly is glamorous and ditzy, Danielle is dead pan Essex and hilarious, Kevin is just… crazy, Chloe is the sweetest most delicious girl you could wish to meet and Richard, well Richard is the biggest sulker I have ever met but in his own way he is also quite legend (mainly as I have never managed a conversation with him when he hasn’t been cruising the entire bar and not listening to a word) new Richard seems ok too. It was just the perfect last minute night out!

Drink and (being the only ones) dancing in GAY Bar, chilling in Trash Palace with the girls engrossed in the rent boy section of Boyz… sorry that should be Tug, and then bumping into Kevin’s “buddy” hem, hem, before more dancing and then home to bed! Now I must sleep – 6am rise tomorrow! Night x

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