Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Love You. And You. And You

Polyamory – what the hell? I have just been watching the show ‘I Love You. And You. And You’ on Channel 4! What a load of crazed baboons! From watching it, it seems that these people just want to shag the world and his wife, literally. This one guy had a wife and two girlfriends, and yet they weren’t allowed to shag anyone else but he could have flings as he was an ‘alpha male’, more like an alpha arsehole. I don’t preach monogamy (I couldn’t I have cheated on people – to which I am not proud) and nor do I disagree with open relationships, but for some reason this just seemed wrong.

It just brought up lots of issues for me. My mate Kris is in a loving open relationship, the agreement is they inform each other of where they are going, and they don’t create relationships. This didn’t work once and nearly split them as Kris fell for someone else and boy did that boy cause issues. They are two of the most happily married people I know, it works for them and I think it’s great. I also know a gay couple who are married and completely faithful, that works for them too. But if you can have a girlfriend and they can bring in another girlfriend or boyfriend the madness doesn’t end, and what might you catch. Some of them were planning kids and saying that it didn’t matter for them which man was the father maybe not for them but what about the child! Vexation in extreme!

Back to me ha, ha, ha I had my ex round for dinner tonight and it was lovely. True the goodbye hugs always get to me a little, but I am so pleased we can still be friends, and there wasn’t the awkwardness of last time. I even cut his hair for him without shaving anything mean or evil in the back! I am proud. Now let me go and find some Polyamorists to befriend!

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