Monday, January 29, 2007

Where Is The Feeling?

Sunday 28th Jan 2007

No sadly not the fabulous single by Miss Minogue.

Last night we went to see The Feeling at G-A-Y and naturally the night couldn’t go without some drama I mean it’s me and my friends for goodness sake! Well Kevin was deliciously late a whole hour and twenty minutes as he had French ‘visitors’ staying and got pissed before he even left the house the lush! But we got in drama free, well Richard had a nice little bitch to me about everyone.

We were in and Polly was in awe of the place, she loved the men, she loved the music and hell she even loved the shitty old Astoria ha, ha, ha! We are agreed we must take Danielle and Michelle there. Alan Pol’s boyfriend turned up and then so did mine so we just had a good old boogie! The minutes flew by and The Feeling were on, and Alex passed out! Just fell. One minute he said he had stomach ache next he was literally lolling on my knee, bloody freaky! I missed them singing dragging him off like some corpse to Epping Forest. He got some air and swiftly recovered. We had time to watch Sophie Ellis-Bextor duet with The Feeling on ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ (which should be released) and then went home. Kevin was meanwhile having a crisis with French Alex who was having asthma attacks; Richard was just rude and sulked!

Today Alex has been ok, he has had two ‘funny’ moments but we had a nice walk through Clapham Common and saw ducks and dogs, had a lunch in Gourmet Burger, and then bought stupidly expensive sweets in ‘Esca’ ( where two slices of cheesecake and a bar of Nougat was over £10 (they were fabulous though) and then came back and watched ‘Iris’. Made Alex cry which means it must be good! Now off to bed before another 8am start – it’s a joke my working hours!

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