Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Deathly Hallows

What a fabulous name Ms J.K.Rowling has chosen for the finale of Harry Potter. I am impressed especially after the hurrendously titled Half Blood Prince, "The Death of Dumbledore" would have been my personal choice. Oh, sorry does that give the ending away. It has made me realise how important the title of a book can be! Hence with why the title "Miriam Perry and the Secret of Wishingstone Way" is one that works and I am happy with. I now just need to get on with the book. Ha ha ha! I have an aim as of sorting PopSalvage.co.uk and a few other odds and ends (not procrastinating in anyway I swear) I aim to write a chapter a day - ok maybe a chapter a week. My will power is already slipping - oh dear!

Got January's Bent Column finally, seemed so long ago had forgotten what the problems had been. With moving and Christmas and oh just all the Griff stuff the last month seems to have made it last a full year! God, look at me being all pathetic ha ha ha! I will not carry on this way this year I swear.

Work was ok, bit stressful for a first day but naff it a) I got Geri Halliwell's new single and b) I AM SEEING KYLIE TOMORROW! Hoorah!

Reading - The Shadow of the North - Phillip Pullman

Listening to - "100% Pure Love" - Geri Halliwell, and most of the Kylie back catalogue!

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