Monday, January 29, 2007

Fire Warden Savidge

Thursday 24th Jan 2007

I am going to become a fire warden – isn’t that exciting, I will get to wear a red jacket and everything!

Yes at News International today we had a big old fire drill on the Gray’s Inn Road and did the second floor have a fire warden, did they bollocks. So sat in a meeting (that brings a whole new level of bored into boardroom) the speakers announced a ‘fire warden meeting’ on the fifth floor, and I was elected (sadly I came back and the meeting ran another hour).

Now I’ll admit I was dubious and excited all at once, would there be firemen, would they set fire to the room for a practise? I was disappointed! It was one of the longest hours, and they talked about rubbish. However its given me a new set of ideas for a show ‘Fire Wardens’ where they meet after every ‘evacuation’, ‘small fire’ etc, and the petty personalities and issues involved, so thanks guys, you bunch of fire fighting bores!

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