Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My 50 Things To Do

Polly found us a quite fabulous little site today. It’s called www.my50.com the idea is that you log your life goals and dreams and tick them as you complete them. Some people will think this idea is a sack of poop, but I think there is something quite sweet and nice about it.

It makes a refreshing change after all when the internet is so full of porn, money making and other schemes that a little free site simply trades on your hopes and goals in life. I guess its like a life long set of New Years Resolutions and I am all for that. You could aim to swim with dolphins, go to Australia or just clean your bedroom - you then give yourself a time limit. This is all very well but I am having a problem deciding what the heck I should choose. I know I won’t be able to think of the full 50 in a night, so I have just started with one.

To write a novel – by the 17th of January 2008

I shall just have to keep adding things as they come and go. I just wanted to tell you all about it really! Erm, that’s it, nothing else to say thank you very much.

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