Saturday, January 20, 2007

Attitudes Gone!!!!!???????????

Some of you may have noticed that Attitude Magazine has vanished from the shelves of many shops and that where it is stocked it is still Decembers. Some of you might not care, but this may help those of you who have been a wondering!

So it seems Attitude has vanished in gayland – oh if only! I have just actually had a tiff with one of my mates regarding there attitude. We were discussing something and he called me ‘cuddly’ and I said ‘oh you mean fat?’ His reply was ‘no fat people are ugly.’ Now I could have taken this as a huge compliment but it actually annoyed me! I ain’t thin and I know it. But I have been huge (with the stretch marks to show it) in the past and still have hang ups on the whole thing. My family are the worst for comments – well some of them, it seems to make for a good conversation about me, in front of me. So this kind of riled me.

Fat people are not ugly! It’s one of those ‘gay’ things that really kicks me off; just cos you’re fat you can’t be seen here there or possibly get a cute thin toned Brazilian boyfriend – wrong! A guy at work calls everyone fat… why? It covers his insecurities and makes him feel better about himself. On the gay scene I would much rather go to ‘Compton’s’, ‘XXL’ etc than G-A-Y Bar (though its getting better) because you feel freer – its more mixed, not just full of fat people.

The thing is I have beaten myself up mercilessly before over weight and why? I like a cake or two now and then – so what, does that mean I am ugly now? My friend then retracted with ‘I meant ugly people are normally fat’ – erm same thing! There was an msn splutter and then he decided to go to bed!

So maybe attitude hasn’t gone… quite yet!

P.S Funniest fat moment of late with me was when I was moaning how I needed to lose weight! I was told by Alex ‘look baby, when you see food, just shut your mouth’ I haven’t laughed so much in ages!

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