Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shopping of a Singleton

After a day of being prodded and poked around (another lump scare downstairs – long story) I decided to go on a shop around Tooting. The list of everything I bought is actually a synopsis of my life in a weird way.

- 5 Mills & Boon for 99p (for research see yesterdays blog) they came with the stunning titles; Secret Lover, Maelstrom, Temporary Paragon, Outback Rainbow (how gay does that sound?), and Don’t Call It Love! Special sounding aren’t they?
- Miami Sound Machine – Eyes Of Innocence CD £2.99
- Gloria Estefan – Cut’s Both Ways £2.99

- Vanessa Hudgens – V £7.97, have been tempted to buy it, but was not paying over a tenner for the bint out of High School Musical
- Freemasons – Rain Down Love £1.99 – fuckers won’t send popsalvage.co.uk a promo lol
- A plunger… I blocked my toilet with kitchen towel after Hoyden spectacularly threw up on the floor

- Ylang Ylang De-Stress Bath Foam the de-stress says it all
- Bottle of Gallo Family White Grenache
- Sheba Delicacy Cat Food
- Cat litter
- White and yellow tulips (after my vexed weep at how single and sad I am I cant even unblock a loo – I now can)
- Stilton and Broccoli Soup (now in fridge preferred Marmite on toast)
- Juicy Fruit
- Ministry of Sound Clubber’s Guide to 2007
- The Little Friend by Donna Tartt for £2.49, bargain.
Yes that sums up my life… make of it what you will!!! Oh and I got a haircut, what an exciting day!

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